Jan 4, 2012

Blue Öyster Cult - Cultösaurus Erectus (1980)

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Cultösaurus Erectus is the seventh Blue Öyster Cult album released in 1980. Following the experiment with Mirrors, it was an attempt to return to the band's earlier hard-rock sound. The lead track "Black Blade" features lyrics by sci-fi writer Michael Moorcock and is about Stormbringer, a sword in Moorcock's mythology.
This album also features the first collaboration with Martin Birch who would go on to produce Fire of Unknown Origin and the band's return to the charts.
While the album sold more than its predecessor, it stalled at Gold status. However, during this time Blue Öyster Cult were arguably at their peak as a live act, filling halls and arenas with ease. This tour found them co-headlining sports arenas in the United States with Black Sabbath as part of the Black and Blue Tour.
1. Black Blade
2. Monsters
3. Divine Wind
4. Deadline
5. The Marshall Plan
6. Hungry Boys
7. Fallen Angel
8. Lips In The Hills
9. Unknown Tongue

Eric Bloom - lead vocals, stun guitar
Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - lead guitar, vocals
Allen Lanier - keyboards, guitar
Joe Bouchard - bass, vocals
Albert Bouchard - drums, vocals
Ellen Foley - backing vocals
Karla DeVito - backing vocals
Mark Rivera - saxophone
Produced by Martin Birch

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VaTAga said...

Одна из самых моих любимых групп! Причём я очень высоко ценю и последние релизы. Считаю, что команда непрерывно росла.

hanalex said...

Мне все же интереснее их ранние альбома, особенно
Secret Treaties '74...