Jan 1, 2012

England - Garden Shed (1977)

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1. Midnight Madness
2. All Alone (Introducing)
3. Three Piece Suite
4. Paraffinalea
5. Yellow
6. Poisoned Youth
Bonus tracks:
7. Nanagram
8. Three Piece Suite

Left to right:
Robert Webb - keyboards & vocals
Martin Henderson - bass & vocals
Jode Leigh - percussion, bass & vocals
Frank Holland - guitar & vocals

England - Paraffinalea



VaTAga said...

Этот диск у меня есть, а второй беру послушать, спасибо!

hanalex said...

Об этом альбоме очень коротко, но как всегда емко, написал уважаемый Vvche в своем блоге:

Anonymous said...

Pass not working for me...........

hanalex said...

Password or link?

sheds liverpool said...

I'm surprised with the name of the album. I wonder if they also love gardening or garden stuff like sheds as much as I do.

Paulo McManus said...

I was surprised that the author is referring to an album. Hmm this is the perfect song while one is having a great time in a garden shed.