Jan 20, 2012

Lake - Lake II (1978)

Review by Gary Hill:
Lake was one of the great unknown bands of the 1970s. The group combined strong pop melodies with definite progressive rock-oriented arrangements. This album, obviously the group's second, features a lot of different textures. From the pop/rock-oriented "Welcome to the West" to the Elton Johnish ballad "Love's a Jailer," this entire album is a treat. Although the majority of the disc is in a definite singalong sort of pop style, there are still some quite meaty instrumental sections that lead to the progressive rock reference. The music here is quite strong prog-oriented pop with a very unique guitar sound, and the vocals seem to call to mind a combination of Journey's Steve Perry and Yes' Jon Anderson.
1. Welcome To The West
2. See Them Glow
3. Letters Of Love
4. Red Lake
5. Love's A Jailer
6. Lost By The Wayside
7. Highway 216
8. Angel In Disguise
9. Scoobie Doobies

James Hopkins-Harrison - lead vocals
Geoffrey Peacey - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Detlef Petersen - keyboards, vocals
Alex Conti - guitar, vocals
Martin Tiefensee - bass
Dieter Ahrendt - percussion, drums

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VaTAga said...

Да, "Народ" пока самый лучший выход. Печально, но по предыдущей раздаче мне удалось скачать только вторую часть. Что-то не заладилось вечером. Выдавало "error". Первую оставил на сегодня...

Anonymous said...

Спасибо за Народ! Облом с мегаплодом - жуткая подстава!

Кит, дисидинет

Q said...

возможно ли восстановить ссылку lake - lake II 1978 flac...?

hanalex said...



Q said...

спасибо! скачал.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the link does not work. Is it possible to re-upload?
Thanks you very much

hanalex said...

Link updated

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the re-upload.