Jan 27, 2012

Re-post: Automatic Fine Tuning - AFT (1976)

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In 1976, guitarists Paul A. MacDONNELL and Robert CROSS, bass player Trevor DARKS and drummer/vocalist Dave BALL joined their considerable skills and produced one of the great but nearly forgotten heavy progressive projects, AUTOMATIC FINE TUNING. Doing an early form of neo-classical instrumental rock that predates the gothic harmonies and PAGANINI-love of Michael SCHENKER and Yngwie MALMSTEEN, the quartet boldly went where few rock ensembles had and recorded one brilliant album before disbanding.
Not quite metal, far from fusion and barely resembling any known forms of prog, the record is a humble but impressive showcase of how classical technique and discipline could be utilized in a hard rock format, and features MacDONNELL & CROSS's extraordinary dual-guitar lines. The impact this release had on musicians in 1976 is unknown but the foursome's prophetic ideas and execution reveals a unit well ahead of its time. Recommended to anyone with a taste for tech guitar rock in one of its earliest inceptions.
1. The Great Panjandrum Wheel (Pt. One)
Wolvereine (Pt. One)
Wolvereine (Pt. Two)
2. Gladioli
3. The Great Panjandrum Wheel (Pt. Two)
Terminal C
City Business
Dragon Fly
4. Queen Of The Night

Paul A. MacDonnell - guitar
Robert Cross - guitar
Trevor Darks - bass
Dave Ball - drums, vocals


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