Feb 21, 2012

Re-post: Billy Preston - Encouraging Words (1970)

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Encouraging Words is steeped in exemplary playing and songwriting… and pure soul. Produced by George Harrison and packed with originals and inspired covers, including 'My Sweet Lord' and 'All Things (Must) Pass' - donated by George before he released them himself - and the little-heard Harrison-Preston gospel hymn 'Sing One For The Lord'. This is Billy on the launch pad just before he rocketed to U.S. No.2 success with 'Outta Space' for A&M Records.
1. Right Now
2. Little Girl
3. Use What You've Got
4. My Sweet Lord
5. Let The Music Play
6. The Same Thing Again
7. I've Got A Feeling
8. Sing One For The Lord

9. When You Are Mine
10. I Don't Want You To Pretend
11. Encouraging Words
12. All Things (Must) Pass
13. You've Been Acting Strange
Bonus tracks:
14. As Long As I Got My Baby
15. All That I Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You)
16. How Long Has The Train Been Gone


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