Mar 26, 2012

Bob Welch - French Kiss (1977)

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Review by Mike DeGagne (
Bob Welch's debut album saw him cash in on three Top 40 singles, refurbishing the romantic "Sentimental Lady" (originally from Fleetwood Mac's Bare Trees album) and taking it to number eight on the charts, with radio-tailored efforts like "Ebony Eyes" and "Hot Love, Cold World" following right behind. With not much success coming from Welch's short stint with his own Paris project, he decided to hire Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and Christine McVie to help him out with his first solo venture. Spotlighting Welch's vocal powderiness, French Kiss ends up being a bunch of approachable soft pop tunes that display enough eager guitar work to keep them afloat. Presenting a sturdy feel for Welch on his own, tracks like "Easy to Fall," "Carolene," and "Lose My Heart" are equivalent to the hits in their familiar '70s rock formula, but cuts like "Dancin' Eyes" and "Danchiva" find Welch running out of room. Two years later, Welch released his second album, entitled Three Hearts, which gave him his last Top 40 hit with "Precious Love," but the album itself is noticeably weaker and less enthusiastic sounding than his first.

1. Sentimental Lady
2. Easy To Fall
3. Hot Love, Cold World
4. Mystery Train
5. Lose My Heart
6. Outskirts
7. Ebony Eyes
8. Lose Your...
9. Carolene
10. Dancin' Eyes
11. Danchiva
12. Lose Your Heart

Bob Welch - vocals, guitar
Lindsey Buckingham - vocals, guitar
Christine McVi - keyboards, background vocals
Alvin "Red" Taylor, Mick Fleetwood - drums

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hanalex said...

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adamus67 said...

Look at this girl next to Welch. Mmm...finger-licking good! delicious!

Bob Welch previously was a musician in the group Fleetwood Mac, with whom he recorded five albums. And it was in 1971/74.

Well, the world is full of injustice. Welch, a lot of composing, and his mind flooded with the entire mass of fresh ideas, a little suffering in the band, which often have to rigidly stick to a certain (blues) formula.

He decided to finally do something your way, and since 1975
composing a lot of self-employed, but something a long time could not issue his first solo album.

Welch, have goodwill and support from the Capitol, probably did not expect that soon to be such a huge success that will impact on the life of its own!

I finally succeeded, and at the end of 1977, was released a short collection of a total of up to 12 tracks, the total time, and unfortunately barely exceeded the 36 minutes of music.
the album "French Kiss"
In "Sentimental Lady" (previously recorded by Fleetwood Mac), it supported the episode Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. But Welch's solo version has become more Hits. The album "French Kiss" was certified platinum, selling over a million copies.

The musician then really tried to get close to artistically and commercially "French Kiss", but burned their ideas to such an extent that he was never able to even be touched upon this grandeur, although the next two plates were not bad..

adamus67 said...

All the songs on this album fully composed Welch, and among the musicians invited to carry it out, except the drummer Alvin Taylor, came to themselves the representatives of Fleetwood Mac.
And yes, the drummer Mick Fleetwood,played on guitar and backing vocals appeared Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie and that apart from a few vocal parts, she played on instruments keyboards.

A whole, was a collection of striking, modern (for that time) and just catchy songs, which sounded an echo of everything that was fashionable then, but kept the boundaries of good taste. Welch juggled between rock (solid guitar chords), and disco music. At the same time took care of the showy arrangement of strings, which has invited to this session of the Gene Page. Music was ideally suited both to listen, so auto ignition and to dance. I realize that writing about rock and disco together, I can with what some call the chills, but please believe me that this concoction proved to be excellent. The album was not even the slightest kuchy and listen to it today, great! It is interesting to add, that opens the whole shapely and half dance, sexy ballad "Sentimental Lady", was composed when Welch was still a musician, Fleetwood Mac, and the song itself was to become the team composition. Maybe a good thing that Welch waited properly refined it, making it a big hit that same album, and one of the best songs of 1977. Hits, a bit small in scale, have become more "Hot Love, Cold World" and opens the second part of the album "Ebony Eyes". Although a fan of this album is absolutely in its entirety, is a beloved recording is always "Easy To Fall", which may not be something special, but I can listen to it over and over.
Thanks to Alex for the update!

The message of the last minute
Published: June 7, 2012

Bob Welch was found dead at his home in Nashville. He was 66 years. Police spokesman Don Aaron confirmed that the cause of death was suicide. Singing guitarist took his own life by shooting in the chest. Near the bodies were found a suicide note.