Mar 23, 2012

Detective - Detective (1977)

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Detective's sound fell somewhere between their Swan Song label-mates Bad Company and Pretty Things, but they never acquired the arena fame of the first or the longevity of the latter. Their lineup appeared unlikely at first blush -- it included former Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye, bass player Bobby Pickett, and lusty frontman Michael Des Barres. But together they created a slick, unified sound that ranged from crowing blues to stadium-friendly ballads. Despite friendly encouragement from Jimmy Page and sharp production values, Detective never really hit it big, and the band called it quits after their second studio album. The various band members have moved on in their disparate directions again; Kaye eventually rejoined Yes, and Monarch took up country music. When their old band is remembered today, is generally as a footnote to the story of Led Zeppelin and their Swan Song label.

1. Recognition
2. Got Enough Love
3. Grim Reaper
4. Nightingale
5. Detective Man
6. Ain't None Of Your Business
7. Deep Down
8. Wild Hot Summer Nights
9. One More Heartache

Tony Kaye - keyboards
Michael Des Barres - lead vocals
Jon Hyde - drums, percussion, vocals
Michael Monarch - guitars
Bobby Pickett - bass guitar, vocals

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