Mar 30, 2012

Re-post: Budgie - The Last Stage (2004)

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The Last Stage is a compilation of unreleased Budgie tracks, mostly from the early-to-mid eighties. Many of these tracks were intended to be released on the followup to 1982's Deliver Us From Evil, a followup that never saw the light of day. There was another track that was supposedly meant to be on the album, it was called "Beautiful Lies", unfortunately it never made it to "The Last Stage"
Recorded at the Rockfield Studios, Monmouth and Woodside Studios, Monmouth between 1979 & 1985.
1. Love Is When You Love
2. House Of A Sinner
3. Same Old Sad Affair
4. Signed Your Own Fate
5. Hard Luck
6. Living With Another Man
7. You Ain't Got Love
8. Renegade
9. Sweet Fast Talker
10. Wait Till Tomorrow
11. Rock Your Blood
12. Nutbush City Limits
13. Can't Get Up In The Morning
14. Heaven In Your Eyes
15. Picture On A Screen
16. Victim

Burke Shelley - vocals, bass
John Thomas - guitar
Steve Williams - drums
Rob Kendrick - guitar, vocals on track 13


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