Mar 12, 2012

Re-post: Jim Capaldi - Oh How We Danced (1972)

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1. Eve (Jim Capaldi)
2. Big Thirst (Jim Capaldi / Dave Mason)
3. Love Is All You Can Try (Jim Capaldi)
4. Last Day Of Dawn (Jim Capaldi)
5. Don't Be A Hero (Jim Capaldi)
6. Open Your Heart (Jim Capaldi)
7. How Much Can A Man Really Take? (Jim Capaldi)
8. Oh, How We Danced (Chaplin / Jolson)

Jim Capaldi - guitar, piano, vocals
Barry Beckett - piano, organ
Rebop Kwaku Baah - percussion
Trevor Burton - bass
Jim Gordon - drums
Rick Grech - bass
Bob Griffin - piano
Roger Hawkins - drums
 David Hood - bass
Jimmy Johnson - electric guitar
Mike Kellie - drums
Paul Kossoff - electric guitar
Dave Mason - harmonica, guitar
Muscle Shoals - horns
Sue Glover - backing vocals
Sunny Leslie - backing vocals
Steve Winwood - organ, guitar, vocals
Chris Wood - electric saxophone, flute

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hanalex said...

P/w: hanalex

echoes said...

Are you sure about the password? I have DL some older files and the password is not correct? Any suggestions?

hanalex said...

Password is correct...

Eric said...

Interesting, basically the entire Traffic lineup is present.