Mar 16, 2012

Re-upload: Jim Capaldi - Short Cut Draw Blood (1975) [Vinyl Rip]

VINYL RIP | FLAC TRACKS+Covers | 264 mb+3% recovery

Short Cut Draw Blood is the third studio album by the British musician Jim Capaldi. Released by Island Records in 1975, it marked a major turning point in Capaldi's career: It was his first album recorded after the breakup of Traffic, and more importantly, it was his commercial breakthrough. While Capaldi's first two solo albums had been moderately successful in the USA (and in fact, in the USA Short Cut Draw Blood was his least successful album thus far, with both the album itself and the single "Love Hurts" barely scraping into the Billboard charts), Short Cut Draw Blood saw him entering the charts in several other countries for the first time. This was particularly evident in his native United Kingdom; the single "It's All Up to You", released a year before the album, became his first top 40 hit there, only to be overshadowed the following year by his cover of "Love Hurts", which went all the way to number 4.
Rolling Stone called the album slightly uneven but a promising step forward. Their review approved of both the session musicians and the arrangements, and was particularly complimentary towards his cover of "Love Hurts", saying "he brings a sense of pain very different from Roy Orbison's original."
1. Goodbye Love
2. It's All Up To You
3. Love Hurts
4. Johnny Too Bad
5. Short Cut Draw Blood
6. Living On A Marble
7. Boy With A Problem
8. Keep On Trying
9. Seagull

Love Hurts

Boy With A Problem



CrunchyFrog said...

thanks again.... great stuff!

Mysterious creation! Magic Revolver! said...

Hi, thanks for the great upload, but what is the pass for the rar.

hanalex said...

@Mysterious creation! Magic Revolver!
Pass: hanalex

meat tree said...

many thanks was just watching an old grey whisle test and he and his great band[inc steve winwood]were playing a couple of tracks off this album...i remembered liking its all up to you a single back then but it was goodbye love that knocked me out 40years familiar yet i would never have thought it could be capaldi,had to here the album immediately and you helped me out great album and he was a great underrated musician thanks again