Apr 2, 2012

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Greatest Hits (1994)

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This soft rock trio from Los Angeles, California consisted of guitarist Dan Hamilton (originally from Wetnatchee, Washington), bassist Joe Frank Carollo (from Leland, Mississippi) and drummer Tommy Reynolds (from New York City). The three first came together in a studio instrumental group known as The T-Bones. During the early sixties, it was not uncommon for a record company to release material recorded by studio sessionmen and pass it off to the unsuspecting public as being recordings by a real, live rock 'n' roll ensemble. Read more
1. Don't Pull Your Love (Out)
2. One Good Woman
3. Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)
4. Daisy Mae
5. It Takes The Best
6. Annabella
7. Hallway Symphony
8. Sweet Pain
9. On The Other Hand
10. (Medley) Bridge Over Troubled Water, You've Got A Friend

Dan Hamilton - guitar
Joe Frank Carollo - bass
Tommy Reynolds - drums



westbert said...

Guess this is what they call "an oldie but a goodie." Danced my socks off at the hometown high school gymnasium every Friday night listening to this music. Long live the sock hop!

Thanks hanalex for a blast from the past.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this and the rest of your blog!

Anonymous said...

clean sound and TRUE.I recorded 3 songs from the back side of your album.
Fallin in Love...
I love em.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but the link is broken.

hanalex said...

Link updated March 1, 2016

Anonymous said...

Thanks. :)