Apr 25, 2012

Poco - Rose Of Cimarron (1976)

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Rose Of Cimarron is the 11th album by the country rock band Poco, released May 1976. Former Loggins & Messina sax/fiddle player Al Garth joined the band to record this album, but left shortly after due to internal conflicts. The title track became one of the band's signature songs, and was later recorded by Emmylou Harris on her album, Cimarron.
1. Rose Of Cimarron
2. Stealaway
3. Just Like Me
4. Company’s Comin’
5. Slow Poke
6. Too Many Nights Too Long
7. P.N.S.
8. Starin’ At The Sky
9. All Alone Together
10. Tulsa Turnaround

Paul Cotton - guitar, vocals
Rusty Young - steel guitar, guitar, vocals
Timothy B. Schmit - bass, vocals
George Grantham - drums, vocals
Al Garth - fiddle, flute, violin, sax, vocals
Mark Henry Harman - keyboards, celeste, cello
Milt Holland - percussion, marimba, washboard
Johnny Logan - banjo
Paul Weller - guitar, vocals
Tom Sellers - piano
Steve Ferguson - piano

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Stanley said...

Thank you! I've been wishing for a lossless version of this for ages!

Eric said...

Always loved the title track and the rest of the album is really good also.
So thanks my buddy Hanalex for letting us all hear it in HQ.

john del said...

Thanks a lot for one more poco.

Anonymous said...

great thanks

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hanalex said...

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