Apr 13, 2012

Re-post: Dr. Hook - Bankrupt (1975)

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1. Levitate
2. Let Me Be Your Lover
3. Only Sixteen
4. I Got Stoned And I Missed
5. Bubblin Up
6. Wups
7. Millionaire
8. Everybody's Making It Big
9. Cooky And Lila
10. Everybody Loves Me
11. On The Way To The Bottom 

12. Do Downs

Dr. Hook - Only Sixteen



westbert said...

hanalex, thanks for the quick response and thanks for the repost. After "Sloppy Seconds," the only tunes I've heard by these guys are the top 40 radio hits so this will be somewhat new for me. Again, thanks for the repost.

Anonymous said...

Please do it again, Thanx in advance, many!