Apr 21, 2012

Test - Test (1974, reissue 1992)

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This is the only album by Polish group Test, founded and led by vocalist Wojciech Gassowski (previously with ABC), one of the greatest representatives of Polish Rock scene in the early 1970 and the first Hard Rock group in the country. The group included the talents of the great lead guitarist Dariusz Kozakiewich (immortalized by his extraordinary performance on the "Blues" album with Breakout). Test's instrumental sound was based on organ and brass instruments in addition to the usual lead guitar / bass / drums present in all groups at the time. In retrospect this music represents some of the best sounds of the incredible Polish music scene at the time. This expanded edition includes also the group's early radio material.
1. Wybij sobie z głowy
2. Po horyzontu kres
3. Żółw na Galapagos
4. Livin' In Sin
5. Smoke on the Water
6. Płyń pod prąd
7. Inna jest noc
8. Testament
9. Zguba
10. W pogoni dnia
11. Gdy gaśnie w nas płomień
12. Śnij o mnie
13. Matylda
14. Licz na siebie sam
15. Droga przez sen
16. Przygoda bez miłości


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DanP said...

Excellent, I have some live material but have been wanting to hear the studio album.