May 28, 2012

By request: Duffy - Scruffy Duffy (1973)

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Heavy Rock Progressive (and sometimes Acoustic) sounds of Duffy are featured on this very desirable album, and the group have become quite a firm favourite amongst rock and blues audiences. This recording was their very first album, and Chapter One are proud to represent this very fine group of musicians...
1. Running Away
2. Changing My Ways

3. Ode To Clay
4. The 1959 Rock 'n' Roll Bop
5. The Browns
6. Banker
7. Joker
8. I Can't Help The Way I Am
9. St. John's
10. Finale

Stuart Reffold - vocals, harp & percussion
Barry Coote - guitars
Joe Nanson - keyboards & vocals
Patrick Sarjeant - bass & vocals
Will Wright - drums & percussion



Remy said...

Thanks so much, greatly appreciated!

DanP said...

Good post! :)

adamus67 said...

The album of this British band has a very dynamic, hard-rock (guitar + organ) with clearly progressive influences (including the 9-minute St. John's) the best. By contrast reminiscent of moments Highway Star - Changing My Ways to hard rock classic! A few short recordings (of a total of 10-12 minutes) may slightly deviates from the rest, but the rest no doubt compensate for these moments of weakness.
Very interesting album of British band that combines heavy-progressive, hard rock and Southern boogie, the caller as the allusions to listen to Spooky Tooth, Foghat (especially the album's opening thriller Running Away), and Atomic Rooster (Ode To Clay, for example). Throughout the album, good speed blues guitar, organ passages Crain style.