May 9, 2012

Head East - Gettin' Lucky (1977) + Head East (1978) [2 in 1]

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Gettin' Lucky (1977)

1. Gettin' Lucky
2. Back In My Own Hands
3. Show Me I'm Alive
4. Take It On Home
5. Dancer Road
6. Don't Let Me Sleep In The Morning
7. Sands Of Time
8. Call To Arms And Legs
9. Time Has A Way
10. Every Little Bit Of My Heart

Head East (1978)

 11. Open Up The Door
12. Man I Wanna Be
13. Nothing To Lose
14. Since You've Been Gone
15. Pictures
16. Get Up And Enjoy Yourself
17. I'm Feelin' Fine
18. Dance Away Lover
19. Elijah

Roger Boyd - keyboards, vocals
Steve Huston - drums, vocals
Mike Somerville - guitar, vocals
John Schlitt - lead vocals
Dan Birney - bass



Anonymous said...

Thanks again for this nice post of "Head East"; I feel spoiled !


Pomydor said...

Cпасибо большое!Мечты сбываются!

hanalex said...

Ну уж...
Если нужен Flat As A Pancake (1974) - напишите мне на мыло

Anonymous said...

you can download files up to 400 Mb only.

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Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Got an advisory from the file sharing server that free DLers are limited to files of 400mb and less. It takes a premium acc't to be able to DL this 600+mb file. Great UL though hanalex!

hanalex said...

No more problems.
New archive of two parts.
New links.
Don't cry...
I'm sorry.

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Well ok, I'll stop my sobbing....LOL! THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Hanalex for the new links.

Ivo (Between, Hell & Heaven)

Anonymous said...

Не могу скачать...
Плис залейте на другие обменники....

hanalex said...

Ссылка на Народ:

Sergey said...

Спасибо огромное!

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