May 6, 2012

Neil Merryweather - Kryptonite (1975)

FLAC TRACKS+Covers | NO CUE | LOG | 485 mb+3% recovery

1. Kryptonite
2. Star Rider
3. Always Be You
4. Give It Everything We Got
5. The Groove
6. Real Life Love
7. You Know Where I'd Rather Be
8. Let Us Be The Dawn
Bonus tracks:
9. Aren't You Glad That You Know
10. City Boy
11. Dust My Blues
12. Flat Black
13. You Must Live It
14. Your Real Good Thing
15. Local 149 / Are You Ready

Neil Merryweather - vocals, bass
Michael "Jeep" Willis - guitars
James Herndon - synthesizers, guitars, slide guitar
Tim McGovern - drums, guitar 



Anonymous said...

muchas gracias !!!

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Really appreciate the chance to give this guy a listen - thanks a lot!

space88 said...

Just Perfect.I search this Gem for long!many Thanks for this Pearl .

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

becks dark said...

Flat Black is such a great song it should be played on AOR stations everywhere. Thanks for the cool upload!