May 3, 2012

Neil Merryweather - Space Rangers (1974)

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Neil Merryweather, Canadian bass player,  started a band in the late sixties, after quitting Bruce Cockborn’s band Flying Circus.
His early albums like Merryweather, and Word To Mouth were more towards the psych rock, but the two albums he recorded for Mercury Records that were releaed in 74-75 were just amazing glam/hard rock albums, with a much heavier sound.
Space Rangers (released in 1974 and sounds exactly like 1974 should sound)
Masculine guitars, brilliant drum/bass work,  strings arrangments, powerful vocals and one killer cover of Eight Miles High, and this is just the begining. The songs are so damn good that this album will be playing constantly in your ears once you’ll listen to it.
1. Hollywood Boulevard
2. Step In The Right Direction
3. Eight Miles High
4. King Of Mars
5. Neon Man
6. Sunshine Superman
7. Road To Hades
8. High Latitude Hide ‘N Seek
9. Escape
10. Sole Survivor

Neil Merryweather - bass and vocals
Tim McGovern - drums
Timo Laine - guitar
Michael “Jeep” Willis - guitar
Robert Silvert - chamberlain and synthesizer
Edgemont - synth patches



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Fantastic!! BIG THANKS!!

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Thank you for posting this. Can you pls provide instructions on how to DL from this new .ru file sharing service you used for this one? The service you have been using before this worked great - and was easy to figure out - this one isn't unfortunately. Thanks!

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VaTAga said...

О, спасибо! Я слушал только "Kryptonite" (1975) и его тоже с удовольствием бы достал в нормальном качестве. А этот альбом мне неизвестен. Приятный сюрприз. Мастер Вы делать сюрпризы! Спасибо за подвижничество!

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Вадим, я рад, что Вам понравился альбом. "Kryptonite" в lossless у меня есть, как нибудь выложу. Вот только мои деяния Вы явно преувеличиваете, аж в краску вогнали... Приятно, конечно, спасибо.

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adamus67 said...

Hey Alex,
Lost my vinyl in 1990 and never got around to buying another. Time gets away when you don't pay attention...but a few years ago I bought it on the CD release of edit BOD

Under his real name, Neil Lillie, Merryweather had been a member of The Mynah Birds (a group that had featured both Neil Young and Rick James during his lifespan) was a member of many acts over the decades including Ivar Avenue Reunion, Mama Lion, The Just Us, Lynn Carey & Neil Merryweather, The Tripp, Heavy Cruiser. He has released many hard rock/AOR albums that are coveted by music fans.
Neil Merryweather has had a most colorful and interesting career, spanning more than 40 years. The Canadian rock singer, bass player, songwriter and producer has recorded and played with a who’s who of the rock world including Dave Mason, Steve Miller, Rick James, Howard Roberts, Kal David, Randy California, Billy Joel, James Newton Howard, Charlie Musselwhite, Bruce Cockburn, Kim Fowley, Lita Ford and many more.

adamus67 said...

Couple of great (IMO) remakes of Eight Miles High & Sunshine Superman,as well as Hollywood Blvd & Step In the Right Direction this is a very decent record.... yeah the lost garden space album!
This is something different than Mama Lion or Word Of Mouth, but it's still very great, yeah this music is a mix between some symphonic space rock and some heavy glamrock, yeah that's the nice melting pot that of a group that called Neil Merryweather's Space Rangers, and they even made two 60's covers the Byrds' Eight Miles High and Donovan's Sunshine Superman, the rest of the tracks is written by Neil Merryweather himself. Yeah this is a very interesting album indeed, but if you like Neil Merryweather you can be little disappointed, if you think that you wanna found another some simularity with his early albums, yeah the Space Rangers even made a second album that was even more heavy, but I haven't seen that one on CD yet, of these two albums with this wonderful group this is the best of them, so I'll hope that you wanna try it out, when it's a goodie indeed I think Merryweather was a Canadian who migrated to Chicago fairly early on, hanging around for a decade or more, releasing several albums in the process, but never really breaking through. After a two-album detour into Mama Lion in the early '70s (Mellotron/Chamberlin use unknown), Merryweather went back to his solo career with Space Rangers in 1974. Now this is what I call a Mellotron album! Except that it's a Chamberlin. For those not in the know, the Chamberlin was the Mellotron's direct precursor, and was still in production in one form or another up to around 1980. Merryweather got a guy known enigmatically as 'Edgemont' (which I've seen written as 'Ed Gemont'...) to play one on every track on it bar their cover of the Byrds' drug anthem Eight Miles High, mostly to great effect. For some strange reason, Chamberlins tend to 'disappear in the mix' far more than Mellotrons, and are often hard to discern. Not this one; for most of the album it's really 'in your face', to the point where I'd recommend this as a Chamberlin demonstration record. Not just the expected strings (apparently identical to the Mellotron's), but choirs, sound effects etc. Sole Survivor even ends with a lonely trumpet melody (which I should probably recognise, but don't), complete with pitch-bend. So, er, what about the music, anyway? Well, it's sort of mid-'70s transatlantic hard rock with bits of prog, funk and other stuff thrown in. Bit of a mish-mash, to be honest, but not a bad listen, more for the Chamberlin overkill than anything else, really. On the cover version front, there's also their take on Donovan's seminal (it says here) Sunshine Superman, although it's almost unrecognisable. Overall, the vocals are a bit rough, but there's some decent enough guitar playing.
Oh, and all the names on the album were changed: 'Michael "Jeep" Willis' is Laine, and the mysterious 'Edgemont' is actually keyboard player Bob Silvert.

For those interested - Neil Merryweather
great site:

Alex Thanks for the memory and the return of a valued item.
All the Best,

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adamus67 said...

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Strong Album!THANKS

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Thanks very much Hanalex - nailed it that time - appreciate the xtra love!

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