May 31, 2012

Re-post: Fonográf - Na mi újság Wagner úr? (1975)

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A highly successful Hungarian band in mid-70s – early-80s, Fonograf was founded in late-1973 by six already well-known musicians. Levente Szorenyi (guitar, vocals), Szabolcs Szorenyi (bass) and Janos Brody (steel guitar) came from premier Hungarian beat/rock band Illes, while Laszlo Tolscvay (banjo, harp, keyboards), Mihaly Moricz (guitar) and Oszkar Nemeth (drums) were all members of Tolscvay group.
Newly-formed aggregation decided to play a 100% American music, heavily influenced by country and bluegrass in finest traditions of The Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers.
Produced a string of five average LPs in the 70s, of which the debut remains their masterpiece.
After a couple of years’ hiatus played at joint gig with Illes and Tolscvay (1982), later issued as a double live LP. Released one more album in 1984.
Apart from recording on their own, were a backing band for several Hungarian singers.
1. Wagner úr
2. Még nem tudom

3. Élj boldogan
4. Egy őszinte dal
5. Rám vár az élet
6. A széllel szemben
7. Az első sorban ült
8. Hol jársz, Gabriella?
9. Ha csókol a szád
10. Álmodunk és ébredünk
11. Ha felépül végre a házunk

Bródy János - steel gitár
Tolcsavy László - ének, billentyűs hangszerek
Szörényi Szabolcs - ének, basszusgitár
Móricz Mihály - ének, gitár
Németh Oszkár - ének, dob



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