May 17, 2012

Re-post: Silverhead - 16 And Savaged (1973)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 256 mb+3% recovery

1. Hello New York
2. More Than Your Mouth Can Hold
3. Only You

4. Bright Light
5. Heavy Hammer
6. Cartoon Princess
7. Rock Out Claudette Rock Out

8. This Ain't A Parody
9. 16 And Savaged
Bonus track:
10. Rolling With My Baby (7" Version)

Michael Des Barres - vocals
Robbie Blunt - guitar, vocals
Rod Rook Davies - percussion, vocals, guitar
Nigel Harrison - bass
Pete Thompson - keyboards, drums



juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas gracias Hanalex, saludos

Nazareth said...

Thank you very much!


Thank you for the re-up & for all the good work!
Keep on...

fat bald old punk said...

Hi, I first got my hands on "16 & Savaged" LP back in the late 70s
when I was age 19 playing in a punk band.
Obviously I was attracted to the sleeve art,
but glad I took a chance on purchase,
when I heard the great punky glam rock sounds.

Any chance you ever find and post any of these
exremely hard to find Siverhead live CDs ???
I cant even find them in mp3 let alone lossless !!!

Live at The Rainbow (1975) (Live album, Japan only)

Show Me Everything (2001) (Live album, Japan only)

[edit]Unofficial releases
Rock and Roll Circus (Live album, Japan only)

Live in Tokyo (Live album, Japan only)

hanalex said...

@fat bald old punk

I have a Live at The Rainbow (1973) only mp3 (192 kbps).
I can upload, if you want this...

fat bald old punk said...

Hi again hanalex, thanks for reply.

Yeah, please upload,
even the lo fi mp3 would be much appreciated
just to get some idea how this band sounded live...

many thanks !!!

BTW, some years back I heard a Japanese live CD
of Bay City Rollers...

surprised how hot they sounded,

[if I stand out on a limb to say this]

stripped down raw punk live energy !!!???


hanalex said...

@fat bald old punk


Silverhead - Live at The Rainbow (1973):
Pass: hanalex

bikeboy said...

Hi Hanalex - the link for the Silverhead "16 And Savaged" doesn't seem to be working. Any chance of a re-up?

hanalex said...


I'll update the link a little later, maybe tomorrow...

hanalex said...