Jun 21, 2012

Aardvark - Aardvark (1970)

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1. Copper Sunset
2. Very Nice Of You To Call
3. Many Things To Do
4. Greencap
5. I Can't Stop
6. The Outing-Yes
7. Once Upon A Hill
8. Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Stan Aldous - bass
Frank Clarke - drums
David Skillin - vocals
Steve Milliner - organ, piano, celeste, vibes, marimba & recorders


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adamus67 said...

Aardvark on the album have a nice piece for the ear, the old progressive play .....certainly falls into the ear for all fans of Hammonda organs. They are omnipresent on the album, but there is no guitar, which resembles in sound the band Emerson, Like & Palmer, Egg and Quatermass. I would add that the works of Aardvark hovers the ghost of Atomic Rooster and Beggars Opera, also echoes Pink Floyd are also present.
Interesting, dynamic compositions and original solution to the instrumental (on the organ playing Paddy Coulter) make the leg itself rapped the rhythm, and listening to the album "one breath".

The album opens with a powerful, rhythmic hard-rock 'Cooper Sunset' from organ riff driving it played on a hard overdriven Hammond B3 organ and arranged with a piano and ear catching chorus .... you could hear the influence of the band Deep Purple.
I think a strong party band recordings were calmer, combining aesthetics with subtle progressive jazz influences, such as the lively 'Very Nice Of You To Call', where the foreground has been advanced jazz piano decorated with lots of rhythmic clapping. Seemingly this is not a particularly complicated, but listening to the delicious, reminds that we are dealing with a racially progressive band, one of many that worked at that time in Britain.
Full of ideas of spontaneity and structure of delights 'Many Things To Do' with a fun, party hurdy-gurdy Hammond organs in the middle section and some changes of rhythm .... sounded echoes the achievements of the trio Atomic Rooster.

It is no different with a great Greencap. Lots of good brings to the song vocals Dave Skillina in zwrotceprzetworzony, deformed voice - probably inspired by the idea of ​​'21st Century Schizoid Man King Crimson, and clean the catchy chorus. Very psychedelic doing in the middle piece, where subtle, multidimensional solo takes us slowly into orbit (a magical moment, you have to listen to). hammond organ improvisations backed by vibraphone sounds. This is one of the strongest parts of the whole disc

Wildly romantic prelude to "I Can not Stop 'turns into a runaway, again a fairly simple song topped the crazy organ coda. The other thing is that it is the Hammond organ on this CD are a leading instrument, which is probably associated with a complete lack of electric guitar in the composition of the formation.
It should also pay close attention to the ten-minute 'The Outing-Yes', which takes us into the world of racial, experimental psychedelia, as if alive, removed from the entry' A Saucerful Of Secrets "by Pink Floyd. Very psychedelic piece, but very non-genuine.
Immediately following a track maintained in a fairytale atmosphere, the delicate 'Once Upon A Hill' is slightly tinged folk ballad appears in this set as a moment of relaxation and tranquility.
This, in turn, seamlessly connect to the last on the album 'Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It'. The next record is dominated by the sounds of Hammond organs. We must honestly admit that this crazy full of improvisation and played at a fast pace work is impressive.
Thus, it is not a sin originality plate and can be a bad witness to the fact that bands forgotten, not too much to had offer after the duplication of patents of other performers.
Despite this, make Aardvark has many unconstrained grace and some great moments, and just because helpful to understand with this music .... it is high time to draw attention to yet another amazing aspect of this CD cover image adorning is genuinely beautiful, it can be concluded that those times were really twisted fairy tale.
Alex, thanks for sharing :)