Jun 6, 2012

Bo Hansson - Magician's Hat (1973)

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Bo Hansson biography: Bo HANSSON (born 10 April 1943 in Gothenburg, Sweden, died 24 April 2010) is famous for his 1972 concept album "Lord of the Rings" which came out decades before Hollywood ever made any noise about Tolkien's trilogy. The music was taped on a remote island off Stockholm, on an 8-track recorder, in a summer house studio with the help of a few friends and musicians. It received Gold Record awards in England and Australia. Licenced by Tony Stratton-Smith's Charisma label in England and America, it was also the subject of an extensive TV ad campaign that turned it into a hit in progressive rock circles at the time. Read more 
1. Big City (Extended version)
2. Divided Reality
3. Elidor
4. Before The Rain
5. Fylke
6. Playing Downhill Into The Downs
7. Findhorn's Song
8. Awakening
9. Wandering Song
10. The Sun (Parallel Or 90°)
11. Excursion With Complications
Bonus tracks:
12. City (Original version)
13. Waltz At Dawn

Kenny Håkansson - guitar
Gunnar Bergsten - saxophone, flute
Sten Bergman - flute
Bo Hansson - Hammond organ, guitar, synthesizer, slide bass
Bobo Stenson - electric piano (9)
Owe Gustavsson - bass (9)
Rune Carlsson - drums, congas, cowbell
Pelle Ekman - drums (9)



ASDLR said...

Thank you so much for this up, you're keeping great music alive.


Anonymous said...

These records didnt come out of nowhere.Prior to them he played in a "jazzduo" called Hansson och Karlsson that where hughe on the Swedish psycedelic sceen.They jammed with Jimi Hendrix who recorded one of their songs.

olly said...

sorry help password for part 2 does noT WORK ß

hanalex said...


Download both parts and use the password ONLY when unpacking the first part. You will receive a folder containing the entire album. Verified.

Anonymous said...

please, what is the password?

hanalex said...

Password: hanalex

Anonymous said...

Thank you hanalex, for this psychedelic gem !I was thirteen, when this beautiful piece of music saw the light of day.
My vinyl record of it got lost over the years, so i am happy to get it now on my harddrive !!!I would like to kiss your feet !
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you .............