Jun 15, 2012

By request: A Foot In Coldwater - All Around Us (1974)

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1. I Know What You Need
2. All Around Us
3. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want
4. It s Only Love
5. Love Is Coming
6. How Much Can You Take
7. He s Always There (Watching You)
8. Yalla Yae
9. (Isn't Love Unkind) In My Life
10. Para - Dice

Bob Horne - keyboards
Hughie Leggat - bass
Alex Machin - vocals
Paul Naumann - guitars
Danny Taylor - drums



Anonymous said...

muchas gracias

Steve G said...

I see this album was requested. I was wondering if you have the self titled album Aardvark from 1970 but I wasn't sure where to post my request.

Steve G said...

Another album I'm unable to find is Billy Thorpes original Children Of The Sun CD. Please let me know if you can help me find either of these cds.

hanalex said...

@Steve G:
Aardvark (1970) will posting tomorrow in the blog.
Unfortunately I don't have any albums Billy Thorpe...

Steve G said...

Thank you so much, I love Aardvark! Your blog has made me very happy over the last year. I've been looking for that Billy Thorpe album for years, it's extremely rare. Do you possibly have Jasper Wrath - Anthology, Andromeda - Beginnings 1967-68, or Cactus Live Gigs Vol 1 or 2?

hanalex said...

@Steve G:
Thank you for your kind words.
Please let me know your e-mail, I will write to you. So it will be easier.