Jun 22, 2012

Czesław Niemen - Człowiek jam niewdzięczny (1971)

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1. Człowiek Jam Niewdzięczny
2. Aerumnarum Plenus
3. Italiam, Italiam
4. Enigmatyczne Impresje
5. Nie Jesteś Moja

6. Wróć Jeszcze Dziś
7. Mój Pejzaż
8. Sprzedaj Mnie Wiatrowi
9. Zechcesz Mnie, Zechcesz
10. Chwila Ciszy
11. Muzyko Moja

Jacek Mikuła - Hammond organ
Tomasz Jaśkiewicz - guitar
Janusz Zieliński - bass
Czesław Bartkowski - drums
Zbigniew Namysłowski - alto saxophone
Janusz Stefański - percussion
Czesław Niemen - vocal, flute
Krystyna Prońko, Zofia Borca, Elżbieta Linkowska - background vocals
Partita - background vocals



adamus67 said...

The album, which the achievements of Czeslaw Niemen place falls a little unlucky. On the one hand - a monumental, an excellent album "Enigmatic" (most of the musicians who appeared on that album, is also found here; absence Sztyc and Urbaniak, Janusz Stefanski came drummer and a great pianist Jacek Mikula), on the other - a group of Nemunas and its amazing debut, "Strange Is This World". These two masterpieces, in retrospect, somewhat obscured the red album. Another point is that the output is a little Niemen jump to the side. For this is the only disc - a matter of fact - pure rock, hard rock even in his discography. Without free-jazz, avant-garde and electronic departure. Solid rock, based on the specific section and strong guitar riffs. The most conventional, "typical" plate, which Niemen recorded in the 70s

Niemen in the late 60s and 70s began his great journey into sharp, predatory prog? rock. Earlier soulowo blues hits were replaced by large mold, and Hammond's ubiquitous sound of jazz improvisation team members. The whole album exploded on the fantastic Niemen Enigmatic, later his musical exploration continued on the Niemen? Red Album. From today's perspective, Red? Niemen disappears a bit in the memory of rock lovers, overwhelmed by the size of the preceding enigmatic, but misplaced the assessment.
The double album opens up something like on the model In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida?... short, compact song, extended improvisations in the middle part of individual musicians. Favorably impressed with organ improvisation, much less falls guitarist .... but more on that later still, a few words.

adamus67 said...

This album in the vinyl version was released two-disc and cover with no title ... The first edition was titled compact Niemen, and the remastered version - "CZŁOWIEK JAM NIEWDZIĘCZNY" These recordings are the closest ordinary rock in the career section of our artist, though in some way "progressive".

20-minute"Człowiek jam niewdzięczny"is another protest songiem copyright Niemen, but ... That song - the thing is expansive, with a very developed melodic line in its style - begins with the theme like a guitar version of cocker "With A Little Help From My Friends", and then turns into something like a rock gospel (those authorities, the girl group vocal ...). Which certainly fits the verbal content. Instrumental interlude has a free character and then with the spirit of rock. There is room to play from the vicinity of Santana, the group free or for solo percussion. By the way, this album reaches Niemen Norwida subsequent lines, but also apparently trying to write his poetry impressed with what I am ungrateful man is ... prove rewarding. Niemen enchants the universe - thoughts century masterpiece, and irritating interpersonal relations: nonsense / feed off each other / things comic / entangled network.

When it comes to achieving "the company" Neman-Norwid from this CD, "Italia, Italia" should convince those who are skeptical about the synthesis of rock and poetry. The artist, aptly suggesting the line, proposed here more fluent, smoother than usual tune. Niemen would not be together if such a smoother the song does not become the occasion for some artistic pursuits. We have admission, and - the final expression, similar to hard rock Deep Purple. By contrast ("Aerumnarum plenus") becomes for him an opportunity to respond in their own way to the then fashion for Celtic melodies. And as for the rest of the repertoire ... Another author's song of the artist, which actually contains the entire content in the title - ("Nie Jesteś Moja") - it turns out to be quite long, the variety used - and that's extra sharp guitar, and is inset with a call-and-response singing Niemen and girls, and this fragment of organ improvisation, with burdonowym playing bass guitar (also a little "purple"). Sometimes Niemen content to simply rock, dynamic song (Wróć Jeszcze Dziś). "Chwila Ciszy"very well realizes that this time, willing to use what is most important in rock arsenal: riffowy accompaniment, long "sfuzzowane" guitar solo, at times - simple, blues harmony. And the text says Wojciech Mlynarski the need for silence, there is a pause, I only wish that the band is playing here very carefully ...
It is also worth mentioning that of the Niemen the compositions allows other team members. Noteworthy above all, another hard rock improvisation? instrumental (" Enigmatyczne Impresje") playing the organ Hammond B3 by Jack Mikula..(who took over from Niemen's, Hammond organ)fantastic ... delicious!
Thanks Alex,back many memories...I'm grateful!

Anonymous said...

Этот аудиофайл с браком.Неверная контрольная сумма.

hanalex said...

Г-н Anonymous!
Я тоже не против корректных рипов, но здесь не аудиофильский форум. Если имеете идеальный рип, давайте ссылки - я с удовольствием заменю... Главное, чтобы это был Ваш рип.

Anonymous said...

Увы не имею.Иначе зачем бы я был здесь у вас.

hanalex said...

На Рутрекере есть другой рип (если вдруг Вы не в курсе, хотя вряд ли, судя по всему)
Вот здесь на всякий случай лог: