Jun 23, 2012

Niemen Enigmatic - Niemen Enigmatic (1969)

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1. Bema pamięci żałobny - rapsod 16:27       
2. Jednego serca 7:45       
3. Kwiaty ojczyste 7:25       
4. Mów do mnie jeszcze 4:40

Czesław Niemen - Organy Hammonda i śpiew
Zbigniew Namysłowski - saksofon altowy
Janusz Zieliński - gitara basowa
Tomasz Jaśkiewicz - gitara
Czesław "Maly" Bartkowski - perkusja
Zbigniew Sztyc - saksofon tenorowy
Michał Urbaniak - saksofon tenorowy, flet

 Alibabki - grupa wokalna



adamus67 said...

This CD, soon won critical acclaim ("Gold Record"). There is no doubt that it belongs to the "canon" of Polish rock. It can also easily compete with any the performers "West" of those times.
The rich, juicy sound, somewhat forgotten today, hammond organ, adds the impression of solemnity.
It is interesting that the Niemen as a singer and organist, did not dominate the album. Probably enough for him, that he that ruled and quietly gave the show the other, with great benefit to the final result. And the end result was that the album was unique, even
a scale the world.
Niemen in 1969,compiled a the striking band.
Czeslaw Bartkowski (drums),Zbigniew Sztyc (tenor saxophone), Zbigniew Namysłowski (alto saxophone), Michal Urbaniak (tenor saxophone, flute), Tomasz Jaskiewicz (guitar), Janusz Zielinski (bass) and Alibabki (chorus .) The group recorded "Enigmatic", taking the wallpaper lines of four different poets. It's hard to clearly identify the species, which is "Enigmatic" classified. Most speak of jazzrocku, but is part saxophonists shows "jazzowości" album? Certainly not. One thing is certain: "Enigmatic" is a milestone in Polish music.

adamus67 said...

"Enigmatic" opens masterfully interpretation of "Bema pamięci żałobnego rapsodu" Cyprian Norwid. But very few can now admit that the poet does not work postromantic involuntarily associate with the suite of Niemen. A great solution for the division title was the motto on the line and correct its contents. Niemen to the ceremony itself make the body as a national hero following a long and important picture of the mass. Church bells, Hammond organ and Gregorian choir repeated Iusiurandum patri datum usque Hanc ad diem ita servavi ("I swear my father made this day so kept") build solemn atmosphere, the culmination and the dissolution will take place in the second part. About six minutes in the overpowering drums emerges, as if foreshadowing what will a hundred seconds later. Niemen line text runs showing huge vocal and compositional virtuosity. Must arouse the admiration of the manner in which he dealt with the horrendous lyricist Norwid. Resigning from the hexameter changed the rhythm and cadence funeralny line showing the ritual, obtained through creative, emotional, accentuation, especially in the verses asonansowych słyszalnemu. Music, film, other than those mentioned earlier, the drumming and Hammond organs creates a Supporting Role, aggressive guitar parts Jaskiewicz. You also can not forget it holds a timeless theme, which is based on the song.

The next in the set, selected in the assumption of a humorous poem by Adam Asnyka "Jednego Serca". Yes, emotional performance may seem dramatic, but it is a drama like detached, ironic. Description gives here Jaskiewicz, who again "bites" and Alibabki guitar, first appearing on the album. Turn out to be a work of genius"Kwiaty polskie". Niemen vocal sounds may be the most brilliantly in his career, and his rival Alibabki, singing simply amazing. Namysłowskiego solo varied delights, enchants the word party play flute performed by Urbaniak. Again, a quiet hero is Jaskiewicz, and the volume does not stand out Zielinski and Bartkowski.
In the final, "Mów do mnie jeszcze" Neman Tetmajera revives dead line. The shortest song on the album seems to be a consolation to the emotions associated with the three previous tracks... played with the same verve as the other tracks, it seems to be the most peaceful and sentimental. Just in time for the end of the album.
Alex,thanks for bringing Niemen ...