Jun 29, 2012

Dirty John's Hot Dog Stand - Return From The Dead (1970)

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Ace guitarist Kenny Paulson played on early rock classics such as Suzy Q by Dale Hawkins, and Tallahassee Lassie by Freddie Cannon before his career was derailed by heroin addiction. Following debilitating stints in jail and hospital in the late 1960s, he cleaned up and formed this quartet with former Ill Wind guitarist Carey Mann. Their sole album of guitar-led rock was released in June 1970, though sadly Paulson succumbed to his addiction in 1981.
1. Hard Driving Man
2. Living In A Cloud
3. River
4. 2
5. And Now I'm Comin' Home
6. Kansas City
7. I Won't Quit
8. Next Time You See Me
9. Growind Old

Kenny Paulson - guitar
P. J. Colt - vocals
Stanley "Chick" Melillo - bass
A. Mercurie - vocals, drums
Carey Mann Jr. - guitar, vocals
Everett Miles - sax, vocals

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adamus67 said...

Yep, a strange and raw psychedelic blues-rock album from a short-lived band based in Boston circa 1969-1970.
Their sole album of was released in June 1970,Originally released Label: Flying Dutchman Productions (Amsterdam) Catalogue Number: AMS-12004,contains a large dose of of fine, heavy, blues-rock with a distinctly psychedelic and jazz-rock (lots brass). Note the really cool guitar parts Kenny Paulson.
Mostly original compositions with a couple of covers (“Blue Skies”, “Next Time You See Me”). The originals range from hard-rock Led Zeppelin riff-based arrangements (“I Won’t Quit”), to Johnny Winter style white-bread blues (“Hard Drivin’ Man”). Some are beyond comparison (“Waiting For Yesterday”, “River”) and have melodic but unusual chord structures and are steeped in psychedelic washes of wah-wah or slap-back guitars and elaborate horn arrangements.The album is extremely rare, and even more so because of a manufacturing error resulted in many copies with only one playable side (this rip suffers from those pressing errors, but nonetheless an interesting historic document),but available now Remastered Kismet UK CD label - presents excellent sound quality.
@Alex,thanks for making available & Marios -ripped