Jun 18, 2012

Pink Fairies - Pleasure Island - Ultra Rare -WAV

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Ai putada agora fudeu
Um dos mais raros cds do Pink Fairies, eu o comprei em um leilão na internet
Contando apenas com Twink e Sanderson da formação original é um fantastico disco
Começando com As Above, So Below bem no estilo do grupo, vai indo com suas músicas psicodélicas até chegar na incrível Casgoe in Jamaica uma música instrumental com mais de 30 minutos de solos ensandecidos de guitarra
Então fodam-se ai baixando esta maravilha que voce não vai encontrar em nenhum lugar da internet
Hey your fucking freaks, now the home is going down

One of the more rarest CDS of  Pink Fairies, I bought at an auction on the Internet
With only Sanderson and Twink of the original is a fantastic album
Starting with As Above, So Below and in the style of the group are doing with your music until you reach the incredible psychedelic Casgoe In Jamaica an instrumental music  with more than 30 minutes of crazed guitar solos

So fuck you downloading this wonder that you will not find anywhere the internet

Adamus67 Part

Thanks A Lot  my friend  Adamus67  For Your Collaboration

Twink Pink Fairies  from London's Ladbroke Grove area, The history was long...
In August 1969 The Deviants went on a tour of the USA and Canada. Their leader was Mark Farren, section chief of the British anarchist party White Panther Party, and later a journalist NME. During the tour had been poured out Mike Farren, who returned to England, and together with the Twinkie and Steve Tookie (ex-Rex) have made a few appearances under the name The Pink Fairies. The first such concert took place in October 1969 in Manchester University. The name was taken from a motorcycle gang, in which we all went. This was to be an underground supergroup based on the principles of partnership. Mike Farren sang, played guitar Took and Twink perkusił. Girl Twink, Silver Darling play the keyboards, which also gave the bass. The first gigs were so amazing that they actually were not. Announced the group, and then strum a jam, and ended up talking in the audience. It ended in November 1969. In addition to these concerts strange Farren, Took and Twink were working on solo album Farren Mona The Carnivorous Circus.
In the early 1970's Twink understood that nothing will reach the court and in March 1970 formed a new group of musicians based on The Deviants, who also helped in the recording Farrenowi solo album Mona Carnivorous Circus. Twink captures three musicians exploded The Deviants, Farren and gets rid of the composition of The Pink Fairies stabilized.
In January 1971 the single issue of The Snake / Do It. In the May 1971 issue the first album Never Never Land for Polydor. The team plays in the composition of Russell Hunter (drums), Paul Rudolph (guitar, vocals), Duncan Sanderson (bass, vocals), Twink (vocals, drums). Album produced Twink and Neil Slaven. The demo consisted of 10 tracks. It was not anything special. Critics have passed them to the dying psychedelia. The interesting thing was just part contains two professional drummers, but Twink served as lead singer. The two songs they played at Glastonbury, Do It (later recorded by Rollins Band) and 20 minute version of Uncle Harry's Last Freak-Out. As the album did not catch on in 1971 Twink colleagues said goodbye after a visit to Morocco, he settled in Cambridge.

The remaining trio has recorded the 1972 album What A Bunch Of Sweeties with the help of vocalist and guitarist Trevor Burton, known for The Move. Polydor album released in July 1972. The band has recorded, among others, cover of The Beatles, I Saw Her Standing There. No racial singer and weak instruments meant that the album was not the best, but ironically, though perhaps not the best word, entered the British charts (# 48). The same year, Rudolph left the group to play with Hawkwind and was replaced by Mick Wayne from Junior's Eyes. Group in November released a single, Well Well Well / Hold On, but without success. In 1973 they recorded another album, but instead he was playing Larry Wayne Willis (guitar, vocals, ex-Blodwyn Pig, UFO). Album Kings of Oblivion came out of a Polydor in June 1973. With Willis things have gone better, because he wrote almost all of the material and knew how to sing. As a result, this album has collected good reviews.

In 1974 the band ceased to exist. Names of The Deviants and Pink Fairies, however, occasionally popping up at various meetings of members of these teams. For example, in 1977 they released EP Supported by a team Mike Farren & The Deviants, which produced Willis, and line up consisted of Rudolph and Andy Colqhoun (the Warsaw Pact).
Cambridge period he spent on the game with various bands, including Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band, in which American singer Bruce Payne, known for his performance in the original American version of the musical Hair. The musicians have taken place with the joint cavity Sydem Barrett.
Working with Barrett Sydem arranged on so well that Twink and Syd founded his own band The Stars. Apart from a few public appearances, but nothing came of it.
The Stars led defeat Twink transfer to London. This period was full of different musical events, with the greatest success, however, were occasional appearances with Hawkwind.

The decision was made to reactivate The Pink Fairies. They took her, Twink, Rudolph, Wallis, Hunter and Sanderson. For this reason, Polydor released in July 1975 a compilation of previously recorded three albums. From the only group show at London's Chalk Farm Roundhouse, born live album Live At The Roundhouse, however, only released in June 1982. Play together, but would end up at one gig, which lasted about 6 months, Twink because he had a car accident which sidelined him from life for a while.
The rest went on, but they did not go completely. In September 1976 they released the single Between the Lines / spoiling for a Fight. That's it. Held a farewell tour in 1977. They played the Sanderson, Wallis and Hunter. Then they came to Martin Stone (ex-Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers). played a little time and
 officially disbanded in 1977 or 1978.
In 1984, Wallis published a mini-album with the Previously Released Sanderson and George Butler (The Deviants), Supported by The Pink Fairies.
In 1986 he returned to recording solo single, releasing his own record label Apocalipstic for Twink. He appeared in TV series Allo Allo, David Copperfield and Chocky's Challenge.
Also in 1986, was reborn again with the band The Pink Fairies. The line up consisted of Wallis, Sanderson, Hunter, Twink and Colqhoun. Without Rudolph, but Wallis recorded their album Kill 'Em' N 'Eat' Em, released in October 1987, after which they disappeared from the scene for good. At concerts he met band members Twink Plasticland.
In 1989, cooperation with Plasticland. Recording the album You Need A Fairy Godmother.
Twink recorded as The Pink Fairies with Paul Rudolph. In 1996 they released album, Pleasure Island, and in 1997 the album No Picture.
Very good Pleasure Island 1996 Pink Fairies reunion effort,this title was released by drummer Twink's own label,Twink Records of a limited edition of 1,000 copies. So,obviously 'Pleasure Island' is often hard to find. Don't think it's ever been reissued after that. Looks like 'Pleasure...' has just just two players, of Twink-drums and Paul Rudolph-bass&vocalist. Couldn't tell you if anyone else appeared on this CD or not. 'Pleasure...' is some fine psych/raw punk with an edge to it. "As Above,So Below" is basic well played '70's rock and roll revived. I found "Man With A Golden Gun" to be somewhat refreshing and "Jungle Drums" shows you,just what Twink is truly capable of. For a true mind-blower,put on the headphones to fully experience the 32-minute "Cargoe In Jamaica".

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