Jun 7, 2012

Privilege - Privilege (1969)

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Put The Isley Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, and The Soul Survivors together for an evening and something is bound to happen. That something is called Privilege, a group of four young rockers dedicated to music that makes you feel it first and think about it later.
Privilege was formed by organist Paul Venturini and guitarist Edward Leonetti. Originally members of the Soul Survivors, they met the Isleys one night at a concert at Syracuse University. A couple of months later, when they split the Survivors to form their own group, they contacted the Isleys. According to Kelly Isley, "We remembered Paul and Edward's musicianship very well. In fact, Jimi and my brothers and I talked about them a great deal after the concert. So when they called, we immediately invited them to record forourT-Neck Records label."
With the record deal pending, Paul and Edward went out in search of two other musicians to make up the four man group they envisioned. "We eventually got together with Jack Douglas and Tommy Brannick. We'd known Jack and Tommy when they'd been in another group and knew that we'd get along with them well," says Paul, explaining that "instead of finding great super musicians for Privilege, we wanted to make sure everybody's head was going in the same direction.
With Jack on bass and Tommy on drums, Privilege went into rehearsal, performing material written by Paul and Edward. "The music we're trying to make is basic and understandable to everybody," says Edward. "We're trying to come out with a group effort, not four soloists collected together."
Finally, the group felt that they were ready to record. Under the guidance of The Isley Brothers they headed into the sessions. "Guidance is the word," says Paul. "Instead of telling us what to do, and trying to change what we do musically, the Isleys channeled our abilities and allowed us to get all our ideas down." More info
1. Traitor
2. It's Yesterday
3. Quiz
4. Circling
5. People
6. Going Down
7. Purple Dog
8. Easter
9. Taking Care of You
10. Sojourn

Edward Leonetti - guitar, vocals
Jack Douglas - bass
Paul Venturini - keyboards, vocals
Tommy Brannick - drums, percussion



Remy said...

Thanks very much.
I noticed that Rate Your Music and All Music Guide list the year of release for this as 1969.

adamus67 said...

Privilege to mix the influence of Hendrix with the Isley Brothers and The Soul Survivors. The album has its moments, especially because of its good guitar parts with loads of effects (fuzz, wah-wah etc,just a pity it is so short ... 36 minutes). Tracks like 'Purple Dog' and 'Traitor' also have effective vocals with a good rhythm.T.Neck was a subsidiary label of Buddah.
Thx Alex!

Unknown said...

Эта пластинка была выпущена в 1969 году на лейбле T-Neck Records, основанном The Isley Brothers. Смотрите здесь: http://badcatrecords.com/BadCat/PRIVILEGE.htm
А в 1973 году вышла пластинка от другой группы Privilege (канадской) - Cantata Canada.

hanalex said...

Спасибо за исправление

peraberg said...

Thanks. I suppose Jack Douglas, playing bass here, is the famed producer, since he and Leonetti produced Moxy together?

peraberg said...

After a couple of days of "All download slots for this file are currently filled", I really want to listen to the album.
And "It doesn't matter if you just expect one download of your file or over 100,000 downloads.", makes the first Peeje qoute very confusing.

hanalex said...

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donttrustanyoneoverninety said...

It is Jack Douglas,the famous record producer. Jack was also in a band, "Waterfront", with Tommy Brannick, Eddie Leonetti, & John Levano.