Aug 29, 2012

Ruphus - Let Your Light Shine (1975)

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1. Sha Ba Wah
2. Nordlys
3. Corner
4. Second Corner
5. Let Your Light Shine
6. Grasse
7. Brain Boogie

Hakon Graf - keyboards
Asle Nilsen - bass, flute
Gudny Aspaas - lead vocals
Thor Bendiksen - drums
Kjell Larsen - guitar


Aug 28, 2012

Ruphus - Ranshart (1974)

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RUPHUS is probably one of the most important 70's Norwegian hard rock band with progressive tendencies (there were a few of those back then: AUNT MARY, TITANIC, POPOL VUH / ACE etc..) but their music evolution would differ greatly from those groups. Read more
1. Love Is My Light
2. Easy Lovers Heavy Moaners
3. Fallen Wonders
4. Pictures Of A Day
5. Back Side

Rune Ostdahl - vocals
Kjell Larsen - guitar
Håkon Graf - keyboards, synthesizers
Aslec Nilsen - bass, flute
Thor Bendiksen - drums 


Aug 26, 2012

Chrome RT. - Tövis

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1. Állj le
2. Minek a szó
3. Újabb felvonás
4. Nem bántottalak
5. Óceán
6. Kötéltánc
7. Szabad vagyok
8. A fa
9. Siralomház
10. Szerencse dal
11. Keletiszél
12. Egy szál gitárral

Kovács Attila - ének
Kenyeres Mirtinke - billentyûs hangszerek, vokál
Dobi Bálint - ének, vokál
Kis István - dob
Falat - basszusgitár


Also Chrome RT album:

Aug 25, 2012

Friendship Time - Сomplete recordings 1975-1976 (2007)

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Friendship Time biography:
In a small town north of Stockholm, guitarist Stig JONSSON, bass player Martin CERHA, singer Enrico ADAMBROSI and drummer Thomas LOWGREN - all teens at the time - formed FRIENDSHIP TIME in the fall of 1970. With the departure of singer ADAMBROSI and the addition of second guitarist Dag MATTSSON, the band began to move away from their rhythm&blues background and, after hearing 'The Yes Album', turned to a more progressive path.
By 1975, after numerous personnel changes and with the help of producer C.G. Langensklold, FRIENDSHIP TIME eventually recorded an album that was slated for release in '76 on Virgin Records. Sadly, after recording the sessions and contracting artwork for the cover, band members were no longer working together and the project fell apart.
These recordings would have remained lost had TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET drummer Dag LUNDQVIST not discovered them at his home in or around 2005. With the help of Stefan Dimle of Paatos and Morte Macabre, the material was remastered and released on Mellotronen. FRIENDSHIP TIME reflected the best of the symphonic sounds of YES, FLASH and CATHEDRAL, and was a fine young band on the verge of breaking through the prog ceiling before its untimely demise.
1. Anonymiteten
2. Engine
3. Clouds
4. Martins Lilla
5. Ombadidilio
6. Watersong
7. Crawling Up

Dag Mattsson - electric & acoustic guitars
Kent Kroon - electric & acoustic guitars
Leif Fröling - vocals
Martin Cehra - electric bass & Mellotron
Thomas  Löwgren - drums & tubular bells

Susanne Sandström - vocals on "Clouds"


Aug 24, 2012

Lee Michaels - Space And First Takes (1972)

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This album is a fascinating hybrid of psychedelia and mainstream hard rock, incorporating elements of both. Consisting of two short numbers (clocking in a under five minutes) and a pair of extended tracks running a quarter-hour each, it stands apart from most of the extended art rock jams of its era by virtue of its consistent, driving beat and the emphasis on crunchy guitar sounds (courtesy of ex-Paul Revere & the Raiders ax-man Drake Levin and Michaels himself). The title track and "Hold On to Freedom" seem like a lot of empty posturing, although the playing and production on "Space and First Takes" have enough of a psychedelic edge that its 16-minute length is mostly a virtue. "First Names" is slightly shorter, and intense enough across 14 minutes to pull the listener in even deeper and more successfully.
1. Own Special Way (As Long As) 4:26
2. First Names 13:35
3. Hold On To Freedom 4:55
4. Space & First Takes 16:35

Lee Michaels - organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Joel Christie - bass
Keith Knudsen - drums
Drake Levin - guitar


Aug 23, 2012

The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord (1968) [Deluxe Edition 2006, 2 CD]

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CD 1:
1. Departure
2. Ride My See-Saw
3. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
4. House Of Four Doors (part 1)
5. Legend Of A Mind
6. House Of Four Doors (part 2)
7. Voices In The Sky
8. The Best Way To Travel
9. Visions Of Paradise
10. The Actor
11. The Word
12. Om

CD 2:
1. Departure (alternate mix)
2. The Best Way To Travel (additional vocal mix)
3. Legend Of A Mind (alternate mix)
4. Visions Of Paradise (instrumental version)
5. What Am I Doing Here? (original version)
6. The Word (Mellotron mix)
7. Om (extended version)
8. A Simple Game (Justin Hayward vocal mix)
9. King And Queen (1968 studio recording)
10. Doctor Livingstone I Presume
11. Voices In The Sky
12. Thinking Is The Best Way To Travel
13. Ride My See Saw
14. Tuesday Afternoon
15. A Simple Game (1968 Single B-side)

Justin Hayward - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, sitar, harpsichord, piano, mellotron, bass guitar, percussion, tablas
John Lodge - vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, cello, tambourine, snare drum
Graeme Edge - drums, piano, timpani, tambourine, tablas, spoken vocal
Ray Thomas - vocals, C flute, alto flute, soprano saxophone, tambourine
Mike Pinder - vocals, mellotron, piano, harpsichord, acoustic guitar, cello, autoharp, bass guitar, tambura


Aug 22, 2012

Talas [feat. Billy Sheehan] - Talas (1979)

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It's not often that a band is known solely for unleashing a bassist upon the metal world -- then again, Billy Sheehan is no ordinary bassist. As Talas was making minor waves in the early eighties, all talk was not about the band, but about Sheehan's amazing basswork, and it was clear enough that Sheehan was the star of the show. Soon enough, Talas ran its course, and Sheehan was off to bigger things, first being hand-picked to join David Lee Roth's band, and then starting his own band Mr. Big, which had a successful run in the early nineties and beyond. In retrospect, Talas wasn't an outstanding band, nothing more than a standard hard rock band playing decently catchy tunes but (aside from Sheehan) nothing out of the ordinary. Sheehan, of course, is a marvel, his style revolutionizing bass playing for years to come, even though at times his playing seemed at odds with the rest of the band. The original trio reunited in 1998 for the If We Knew Then live album as well as a Japanese EP.
1. See Saw
2. Stop! In The Name Of Love
3. Most People
4. She Don't Know
5. Any Other Day
6. My Little Girl
7. Thick Head
8. You
9. Expert On Me
10. Baby It Sure Looks Great

Billy Sheehan - bass, vocals
Dave Constantino - guitar, vocals
Paul Varga - drums, vocals


Aug 20, 2012

Iron Maiden - BBC Archives (2 CD, 2002)

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BBC Archives is a live album by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 4 November 2002 as part of the Eddie's Archive box set. It is a collection of songs from three live shows and one live radio broadcast, recorded by the BBC between 1979 and 1988.
CD 1:
Friday Rock Show Session (14 November 1979)
1. Iron Maiden
2. Running Free
3. Transylvania
4. Sanctuary
Reading Festival (28 August 1982)
5. Wrathchild
6. Run To The Hills
7. Children Of The Damned
8. The Number Of The Beast
9. 22 Acacia Avenue
10. Transylvania
11. The Prisoner
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name
13. Phantom Of The Opera
14. Iron Maiden

CD 2:
Reading Festival (23 August 1980)
1. Prowler
2. Remember Tomorrow
3. Killers
4. Running Free
5. Transylvania
6. Iron Maiden
Monsters of Rock Festival Donington (20 August 1988)
7. Moonchild
8. Wrathchild
9. Infinite Dreams
10. The Trooper
11. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
12. The Number Of The Beast
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name
14. Iron Maiden


Aug 18, 2012

American Tears - Powerhouse (1977)

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1. Slow Train
2. Promise To Be Free
3. Listen
4. Lookin' For Love
5. Can't Keep From Crying
6. Don't Give It Away
7. Say You'll Stay
8. Last Chance For Love
Bonus track:
9. Born To Love

Mark Mangold - lead vocals оn tr. 6, 8, keyboards, backing vocals
Craig Evan Brooks - guitars, lead vocals
Kirk Powers - bass, backing vocals
Glenn Kitheart - drums, percussion


Aug 14, 2012

American Tears - Tear Gas (1975)

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1. Back Like Me
2. Charon
3. Serious Boy Blue
4. Tear Gas
5. I Saw A Soldier
6. War Lover
7. Frankie And The Midget
Bonus tracks:
8. My Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
9. Leroy Diminished

Mark Mangold - vocals, keyboards
Tommy Gunn - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Greg Baze - bass, backing vocals 


Aug 13, 2012

Re-post: Dragon - Universal Radio (1974) / Scented Gardens For The Blind (1975)

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Dragon is a popular New Zealand - Australian rock band, they were formed in Auckland, New Zealand in January 1972 and relocated to Sydney, Australia in May 1975. Read more
Universal Radio (1974):
1. Universal Radio
2. Going Slow
3. Patina
4. Weetbix
5. Graves
6. Avalanche

Scented Gardens For The Blind (1975):
7. Vermillion Cellars
8. La Gash Lagoon
9. Sunburst
10. Grey Lynn Candy
11. Darkness
12. Scented Gardens For The Blind

Universal Radio

Vermillion Cellars

Marc Hunter - vocals
Todd Hunter - bass
Robert Taylor - guitar
Paul Hewson - keyboards
Kerry Jacobsen - drums


Aug 11, 2012

Trooper - Thick As Thieves (1978)

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Wikipedia: Thick as Thieves is the fourth album by Canadian rock band Trooper, released in 1978. The album was produced by Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who fame. The album went double-platinum and featured the group's only successful U.S. single, "Raise a Little Hell". This album also contained the hit "Round, Round We Go" written and sung by Frank Ludwig, and "The Moment That it Takes" written by Stewart and Underhill and sung by Ludwig.
1. Live From The Moon
2. No Fun Being Alone
3. Round Round We Go
4. Drivin Crazy
5. Roll With It
6. Say Goodnight
7. The Moment That It Takes
8. One Good Reason
9. Gambler
10. Raise A Little Hell

Brian Smith - guitars, vocals
Doni Underhil - bass, vocals
Ra McGuire - lead vocals, harp.
Frank Ludwig - keyboards, vocals
Tommy Stewart - drums, percussion, vocals


Aug 10, 2012

Re-upload by request: Blindstone - Rise Above (2010)

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"Rise Above", the beyond excellent third studio disc by this outstanding, bad-ass, killer power trio "riff:machine" from Denmark, features 10 tracks (58 minutes) of powerful, hard-hitting, groove-induced, soul-powered, bluesy heavy guitar three piece rock of world-class proportions. From start to finish, an amazing display of incredible, blues-based guitar heavy riffage.
1. Rise Above
2. Power Man
3. Keep The Rock Alive
4. Climbing Up The Ladder
5. New Direction
6. Horizontal Activity
7. Sonic Motor King
8. Wiser
9. House Burning Down
10. Beyond The Purple Sky

Martin J. Andersen - guitar & vocals
Jesper Bunk - bass
Anders Hvidtfeldt - drums
Special guest: Ty Tabor - heavy guitar


Aug 9, 2012

Re-upload by request: Paladin - Paladin (1971)

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1. Bad Times
2. Carry Me Home
3. Dance Of The Cobra
4. Third World
5. Fill Up Your Heart
6. Flying High
7. The Fakir

Band members:
Peter Beckett - bass guitar, vocals
Derek Foley - guitar, vocals
Peter Solley - organ, piano violin, vocals
Lou Stonebridge - piano, vocals
Keith Webb - drums, percussion


Aug 8, 2012

Earth And Fire - Earth And Fire (1970)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 321 mb+3% recovery

This top notch Dutch band from The Hague had their pinnacle during the early Seventies when they delivered some outstanding 24 carat symphonic rock albums. EARTH & FIRE was founded by the twin brothers Chris (guitar) and Gerard (keyboards) Koerts in '68. Soon bass player Hans Ziech, drummer Kees Kalis and singer Lisette joined them. Unfortunately Lisette had to give up singing because of a serious eye-disease and Kees Kalis left. They were replaced by Ton v/d Kley and the beautiful, very sexy Jerney Kaagman. She was a discovery by GOLDEN EARRING singer Barry Hay, they knew each other from the blossoming rock scene in The Hague. Read more
1. Wild And Exciting
2. Twilight Dreamer
3. Ruby Is The One
4. You Know The Way
5. Vivid Shady Land
6. 21st Century Show
7. Seasons
8. Love Quivers
9. What's Your Name
Bonus tracks:
10. Hazy Paradise
11. Mechanical Lover

Jerney Kaagman - lead vocals
Ton van de Kleij - drums
Chris Koerts - guitar
Gerard Koerts - guitar, keyboards
Hans Ziech - bass


Aug 6, 2012

Vinyl Kings - A Little Trip (2002) + Time Machine (2005) 2 in 1

My own edition.
Fans of the official releases please don't download.

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 559 mb+3% recovery

A Little Trip (2002)
1. A Little Trip
2. I Took A Chance
3. Don't Worry 'Bout Me
4. Here We Go Again
5. I Think I Know
6. Leave This Town
7. Mind Over Matter
8. Mother Dear
9. Bang Bang
10. Chocolate Cake
11. Losing My Mind
12. What If It Were You
13. Dreams

Time Machine (2005)
14. Time Machine
15. Mr. Greedyman
16. '67 (Home)
17. Your Turn To Shine
18. Sycamore Bay
19. Pale Blue Dot
20. One Love At A Time
21. Just Another Day
22. Pray For Peace
23. Eloise
24. And Love You

I Took A Chance (2002)

Your Turn To Shine (2005)


Aug 5, 2012

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden (1980) [Japanese Remastered 1998]

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1. Prowler
2. Sanctuary
3. Remember Tomorrow
4. Running Free
5. Phantom Of The Opera
6. Transylvania
7. Strange World
8. Charlotte The Harlot
9. Iron Maiden

Steve Harris - bass & vocals
Dave Murray - guitar
Paul Di'Anno - lead vocals
Clive Burr - drums
Dennis Stratton - guitar & vocals


Aug 4, 2012

American Tears - Branded Bad (1974)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 253 mb+3% recovery

American Tears was a keyboard-dominated, New York-based hard rock band of the 1970s. Its leader was Mark Mangold, and its initial lineup included bassists Gary Sonny and Greg Baze and drummer Tommy Gunn. This edition made American Tears' debut album, Branded Bad, followed by their "heavy ivory" sophomore effort, Tear Gas. Failing to find an audience, Mangold reorganized, emerging with a new lineup featuring guitarist Evan Brooks, and a rhythm section of Kirk Powers and Glenn Kithcart. They made the third album Powerhouse, still without popular response.
1. Sweet Changes
2. Doctor Abreaction
3. Low Down Need You Badly
4. Crooked Is Quicker
5. Pauline
6. Lock and Chain
7. Take Me Lord
8. Louie
9. Pennywall
10. Slidin' Home

Mark Mangold - keyboards, vocals
Gary Sonny - bass
Tommy Gunn - drums


Aug 3, 2012

Re-post: Cheap Trick - Dream Police (1979)

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1. Dream Police
2. Way Of The World
3. House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems)
4. Gonna Raise Hell
5. I'll Be with You Tonight
6. Voices
7. Writing On The Wall
8. I Know What I Want
9. Need Your Love
Bonus tracks:
10. Hosue Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems) (Live)
11. Way Of The World (Live)
12. Dream Police (No Strings Version)
13. I Know What I Want (Live)

Robin Zander - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Rick Nielsen - lead guitar, background vocals
Tom Petersson - bass guitar, background vocals, lead vocals on "I Know What I Want"
Bun E. Carlos - drums, percussion


Strawbs - Dragonfly (1970)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+covers | 280 mb+3% recovery


1. The Weary Song
2. Dragonfly
3. I Turned My Face Into The Wind
4. Josephine (For Better Or Worse)
5. Another Day
6. Til The Sun Comes Shining Through
7. Young Again
8. The Vision Of The Lady Of The Lake 
9. Close Your Eyes
Bonus tracks:
10. We'll Meet Again Sometime
11. Forever
12. Another Day
13. We'll Meet Again Sometime

Dave Cousins - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, dulcimer, piano, percussion
Tony Hooper - vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine
Claire Deniz - cello
Ron Chesterman - double bass
Additional personnel:
Rick Wakeman - piano
Tony Visconti - recorder
Bjarne Rostvold - drums
Paul Brett - electric guitar


Aug 1, 2012

The Strawbs - Strawberry Music Sampler No. 1 (1969, 2002)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Low-res. covers | 258 mb+3% recovery

The Sampler was released as a publishers' demo record - a run of less than 100 copies - designed to get other artists to cover Cousins' and Hooper's songs. Its importance for Strawbs fans is that it includes all the tracks culled from the first version of the group's first album, as well as a few other demos and early versions. It was produced between the first Strawbs album and Dragonfly.
1. All I Need Is You
2. Stay Awhile With Me
3. Sail Away To The Sea

4. Two Weeks Last Summer
5. Nothing Else Will Do
6. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
7. I've Been My Own Worst Friend
8. I Turned My Face Into The Wind
9. On Growing Older
10. And You Need Me
11. Ah Me, Ah Me
12. And You Need Me / Josephine, For Better Or Worse
13. Just the Same In Every Way
14. How Everyone but Sam Was A Hypocrite
15. Young Again
16. Whichever Way The Wind Blows
17. Sweetling