Aug 4, 2012

American Tears - Branded Bad (1974)

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American Tears was a keyboard-dominated, New York-based hard rock band of the 1970s. Its leader was Mark Mangold, and its initial lineup included bassists Gary Sonny and Greg Baze and drummer Tommy Gunn. This edition made American Tears' debut album, Branded Bad, followed by their "heavy ivory" sophomore effort, Tear Gas. Failing to find an audience, Mangold reorganized, emerging with a new lineup featuring guitarist Evan Brooks, and a rhythm section of Kirk Powers and Glenn Kithcart. They made the third album Powerhouse, still without popular response.
1. Sweet Changes
2. Doctor Abreaction
3. Low Down Need You Badly
4. Crooked Is Quicker
5. Pauline
6. Lock and Chain
7. Take Me Lord
8. Louie
9. Pennywall
10. Slidin' Home

Mark Mangold - keyboards, vocals
Gary Sonny - bass
Tommy Gunn - drums



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