Aug 25, 2012

Friendship Time - Сomplete recordings 1975-1976 (2007)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 430 mb+3% recovery

Friendship Time biography:
In a small town north of Stockholm, guitarist Stig JONSSON, bass player Martin CERHA, singer Enrico ADAMBROSI and drummer Thomas LOWGREN - all teens at the time - formed FRIENDSHIP TIME in the fall of 1970. With the departure of singer ADAMBROSI and the addition of second guitarist Dag MATTSSON, the band began to move away from their rhythm&blues background and, after hearing 'The Yes Album', turned to a more progressive path.
By 1975, after numerous personnel changes and with the help of producer C.G. Langensklold, FRIENDSHIP TIME eventually recorded an album that was slated for release in '76 on Virgin Records. Sadly, after recording the sessions and contracting artwork for the cover, band members were no longer working together and the project fell apart.
These recordings would have remained lost had TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET drummer Dag LUNDQVIST not discovered them at his home in or around 2005. With the help of Stefan Dimle of Paatos and Morte Macabre, the material was remastered and released on Mellotronen. FRIENDSHIP TIME reflected the best of the symphonic sounds of YES, FLASH and CATHEDRAL, and was a fine young band on the verge of breaking through the prog ceiling before its untimely demise.
1. Anonymiteten
2. Engine
3. Clouds
4. Martins Lilla
5. Ombadidilio
6. Watersong
7. Crawling Up

Dag Mattsson - electric & acoustic guitars
Kent Kroon - electric & acoustic guitars
Leif Fröling - vocals
Martin Cehra - electric bass & Mellotron
Thomas  Löwgren - drums & tubular bells

Susanne Sandström - vocals on "Clouds"


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lost prog! has mellotron! cool! thanks again!!