Aug 24, 2012

Lee Michaels - Space And First Takes (1972)

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This album is a fascinating hybrid of psychedelia and mainstream hard rock, incorporating elements of both. Consisting of two short numbers (clocking in a under five minutes) and a pair of extended tracks running a quarter-hour each, it stands apart from most of the extended art rock jams of its era by virtue of its consistent, driving beat and the emphasis on crunchy guitar sounds (courtesy of ex-Paul Revere & the Raiders ax-man Drake Levin and Michaels himself). The title track and "Hold On to Freedom" seem like a lot of empty posturing, although the playing and production on "Space and First Takes" have enough of a psychedelic edge that its 16-minute length is mostly a virtue. "First Names" is slightly shorter, and intense enough across 14 minutes to pull the listener in even deeper and more successfully.
1. Own Special Way (As Long As) 4:26
2. First Names 13:35
3. Hold On To Freedom 4:55
4. Space & First Takes 16:35

Lee Michaels - organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Joel Christie - bass
Keith Knudsen - drums
Drake Levin - guitar



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