Aug 6, 2012

Vinyl Kings - A Little Trip (2002) + Time Machine (2005) 2 in 1

My own edition.
Fans of the official releases please don't download.

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A Little Trip (2002)
1. A Little Trip
2. I Took A Chance
3. Don't Worry 'Bout Me
4. Here We Go Again
5. I Think I Know
6. Leave This Town
7. Mind Over Matter
8. Mother Dear
9. Bang Bang
10. Chocolate Cake
11. Losing My Mind
12. What If It Were You
13. Dreams

Time Machine (2005)
14. Time Machine
15. Mr. Greedyman
16. '67 (Home)
17. Your Turn To Shine
18. Sycamore Bay
19. Pale Blue Dot
20. One Love At A Time
21. Just Another Day
22. Pray For Peace
23. Eloise
24. And Love You

I Took A Chance (2002)

Your Turn To Shine (2005)



Anonymous said...

EVERYONE out there should grab this! A Little Trip is their tribute to The Beatles, but with all their own songs. You'll be taken back in time. They really nail it. Time Machine is along the same lines, but incorporates other influences as well, including the Beach Boys. THese guys were all top studio musicians and they absorbed a lot of musical ideas over the years. We're just lucky enough to have them spit it back out to us.

VaTAga said...

Привет, уважаемый Hanalex! У меня есть второй альбом на CD. Там действительно есть треки в духе The Beatles и частично под ELO. А вот за альбом 2002 г. большущее спасибо. Но пока не качнул. Хотел спросить, что означает оговорка сверху "Моё собственное издание"?

hanalex said...

Я имел ввиду, что такой CD официально не издавался. Кстати, первый альбом мне гораздо больше нравится, чем второй. Может быть потому, что он более "битлоподобный"...

tomg said...

Please re-post. I want your edition. I like specially A little trip, nice album. TOM

hanalex said...


Link renewed

tomg said...

Well, thank you a lot for the repost. I miss completely your answer to my old request and today i thought of it when i visit the blog. (and by the way, i got lucky 'cause the link it's still working).