Sep 25, 2012

Bump - Bump 2 (2011, recorded in 1971)

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1. Winston Built The Bridge
2. Such Pretty Scenery
3. The Song
4. Sea Of Tranquility
5. Concerning Your Invitation
6. Promises To You
7. Let Me Lie
8. Boris The Black

Paul Lupien - organ
Alan Goldman - guitar
George Runyan - bass, vocals
Jerome Charles Greenberg - drums


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adamus67 said...

Their music is prime garage/psych of the era, and it didn’t take long for some in the local scene to take a chance on them. This would be in the form of a “conglomerate” who called themselves Pioneer. Pioneer provided the studio, equipment, rehearsal space, management, and record label for the guys. Bump’s first, self-titled album was released in 1970, and promptly went nowhere, even though it contained the regional hit “Sing Into The Wind/State Of Affairs.” Even though the album did not sell, Bump went back into the studio in 1971 and recorded the eight songs that were to be Bump 2. But Bump 2 was never released. Whether it was due to internal conflicts or problems with the label, the album has been on the shelf for the past 40 years.

Interestingly enough, the one track that Bump are best known for was recorded for Bump 2, and did manage to get out. “Winston Built The Bridge” has appeared on both the Rubble, and Mind Blowers collections of rare garage/psychedelic wonders from the era.

“Winston Built The Bridge” just happens to be the lead track on Bump 2, and it is a great introduction to the band. Opening with some squealing feedback courtesy of Alan Goldman, the song soon settles into a catchy tune, with some nice trippy breaks.

Bump were a very unusual group in that they used a two-organ approach. I cannot recall another band of the era (or any other for that matter) who had this type of lineup. The dual organs sure add to the overall late-sixties acid drenched effect of the music. The prog implications inherent in a set up like this are explored deeply in the very next tune, “Such Pretty Scenery.”

Many thanks Alex!