Sep 28, 2012

Earth And Fire - 3 Originals + Extra tracks (Double CD, 1998)

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CD 1:
Atlantis (1973)
1. Atlantis
a). Prelude
b). Prologue (Don't Know)
c). The Rise And Fall (Under A Cloudy Sky)
d). Theme Of Atlantis
e). The Threat (Suddenly)
f). Destruction (Rumbling From Inside The Earth)
g). Epilogue (Don't know)
2. Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight
3. Interlude
4. Fanfare
5. Theme From Atlantis
6. Love, Please Close The Door

To The World Of The Future (1975)
7. To The World Of The Future
8. How Time Flies
9. The Last Seagull
10. Only Time Will Tell
11. Vote From Yonder
12. Love Of Life
13. Circus

CD 2 :
Gate To Infinity (1977)
1. Recognition?
2. A Princess In Egypt
3. The Joyous Untruth
4. Infinity
5. A Life-Time Before
6. 7,8th Avenue
7. Smile
8. Green Park Station
9. Dizzy Raptures
10. Driftin'

Extra tracks (Singles and B-sides)
11. Hazy Paradise
12. Mechanical Lover
13. Vivid Shady Land
14. Lost Forever
15. From The End Till The Beginning
16. Tuffy The Cat
17. Fun
18. Thanks For The Love
19. What Difference Does It Make

Jerney Kaagman - lead vocals
Ton van de Kleij - drums, percussion
Chris Koerts - guitars, backing vocals
Gerard Koerts - keyboards, guitar, Mellotron, backing vocals
Hans Ziech - bass

Love, Please Close The Door

How Time Flies




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