Sep 23, 2012

Fuse - Fuse (1969)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 343 mb+3% recovery 

From Rockford, Illinois. The lineage of this band is reported to stretchback via certain members (Rick Nielsen is frequently mentioned) to the Phaetons, via the Boyz, and possibly the Huns. The band was actually called The Grim Reapers but changed their name to Fuse upon signing to Epic. Peterson and Nielson were also in Sick Man Of Europe and Nazz. Bassist Tom Peterson and Rick Nielson went on to play with Cheap Trick. This album is pretty heavy.
1. Across The Skies
2. Permanent Resident
3. Show Me
4. To Your Health
5. In A Window
6. 4/4 3/4
7. Mystery Ship
8. Sad Day
Bonus tracks:
9. Hound Dog (single A-side,1968)
10. Cruisin' For Burgers (single B-side,1968)

Rick Nielsen - rhythm guitar, keyboards
Tom Peterson - bass
Craig Myers - lead guitar
Chip Greenman - drums
Joe Sundberg - vocals



Laurent said...

I have the original LP, but of course without the two bonus tracks. I hope that this cd reissue (i guess that it's a cd) had a better sound than my LP.
About the album?. Great, Great, Great and Essential!!!
What else???

Gobbledygook said...

Thank you - great to have the chance to check this out in high quality.

Laurent said...

Forget the complaints from your neighbors, children's crying, your wife that leaves you, the blood flowing, the siren of the police and the ambulance which picks you up. PLAY IT LOUD!!!

Lady Lovecraft said...

What about a re-up? Link is dead!

hanalex said...

@Lady Lovecraft

Read here please