Sep 21, 2012

Peace & Quiet - Peace & Quiet (1971)

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1. You Can Wait Till Tomorrow
2. Margo's Leaving Song (Got To Go Away)
3. Country Thing
4. Hear My Love
5. Black Mountain
6. Looney Tunes (Instrumental)

Roger Pavlica - guitar
Rick Steele - vocals
Jim Tolliver - bass
Greg Williams - drums
Chuck Witherow - keyboards
Jerry Goodman - violin on track 2



Laurent said...

You won't be surprise if i tell you that is one of my favorites album.
Nice post.

adamus67 said...

Yeah,Very good, an American group, playing the cool, dynamic rock music, based on the sound of guitars and organs Hammond. Only 6 records in one track, there was a violinist Jerry Goodman (The Flock,Mahavishnu Orchestra)

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, Roger Pavlica, "Dean of Rock and Roll" passed away Nov. 2011. Friends from his early days in South Florida, may he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Damn, this has been deleted! Could you perhaps please repost?

Anonymous said...

Actually, don't worry, the link here is still working -