Sep 16, 2012

Roy Wood Wizzo Band - Super Active Wizzo (1977)

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Super Active Wizzo is the only album by the short-lived Roy Wood Wizzo Band, formed by Roy Wood in 1977 to fulfill his more jazz-oriented ambitions. The band also released the two singles "The Stroll", preceding the album, and "Dancin’ At The Rainbow’s End". Neither singles nor album charted and the band split up in 1978.
1. Life Is Wonderful
2. Waitin' At This Door
3. Another Wrong Night  
4. Sneakin'
5. Giant Footsteps (Jubilee)
6. Earthrise

Album credits:
Roy Wood - vocals, guitars, tenor, baritone, soprano & alto saxes, electric sitar, clavinet, bass & string bass, moog, backing vocals
Dave Donovan - drums
Billy Paul - alto & baritone saxes
Graham Gallery - bass
Rick Price -  pedal steel guitar and electric guitar
Paul Robbins - backing vocals
Bob Wilson - trombone

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