Sep 4, 2012

Whalefeathers - Declare (1970) / Whalefeathers (1971) [2 in 1]

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Formed in 1969, in Cincinati, Ohio Whalefeathers released just two LP's before disbanding. The music is best described as melodious progressive rock with a lot of piano & organ, good vocals & some intense guitar. There is nothing stand out as such but the band sit well within the confines of Prog Related. Their debut album Declare and follow up Whalefeathers were both released in 1970. In 2002 both albums were re-released on CD under one package.

Declare (1970):
1. Declare - Prelude
2. Lost Dimension
3. Know Thyself
4. Imagine
5. Omaha
6. Please Me For A While
7. Invention Sequence
8. Love Cant Be Wrong

Whalefeathers (1971):
9. World Of Pain
10. I Dont Need No Doctor
11. Its A Hard Road (Back Home)
12. Bastich
13. Pretty Woman
14. Shadows

Stephe Bacon - percussion, tympani, vocals
Ed Blackmon - keyboards, vocals
Michael Jones - guitar, vocals
Roger Sauer - bass, vocals
Leonard LeBlanc - bass, vocals
Mike Wheeler - guitar, bass



Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks very much for this - new band to me - looking fwd to some vintage prog.

adamus67 said...

Both albums from 1970 and 1971 by this great US band who recorded two excellent albums for the tiny Nasco label 'Declare' (Nasco 9003) 1970 and 'Whalefeathers' (Nasco 9005) 1971. Rare as hell, on original LP.

Whalefeathers was also issued in the UK on Blue Horizon (2431 009) 1971 and in Germany (Vogue 17257)

This, stunning reissue – both albums on one CD which were finally reissued on the label Akarma( AK187) in 2001.

The first and second album on one CD this Cincinnati - Ohio band played a heavy, keyboard-dominated blend of music. Their albums have distinct psychedelic influences and, although both have their moments, are sometimes a bit messy. Both albums are sought-after by collectors.

Group is an over the top blend of psychedelic weirdness and symphonic prog. The group covers Skip Spence's "Omaha" from Moby Grape and deliver a set of keyboard driven psychedelic and blues inflected rock. Both releases have been horrendously expensive collectors items in recent years and this is a welcome reissue. An excellent cover of "World of Pain" by Cream and "Don't Need No Doctor", The pieces are extended jams with spacious instrumental parts swamped in keyboards and guitar distortion overload. a classic blues-rock standard by Ray Charles, which had already been reworked by Chocolate Watch Band and would be later by New Riders of the Purple Sage, Humble Pie and a slew of other bands. “Oh, Pretty Woman” is perhaps the liveliest and shortest track of the bunch with a clandestinely combative rhythm and some dominant soloing, meanwhile a somewhat spacey/psyche organ intro leisurely welcomes the more progressive “Shadows” to the family where keyboards and solos spin an imaginative web within each other. The bluesy aspect remains present, just not overwhelming me to sleep. As for the clean, unobscured vocals, only at the start of “Bastich” did I feel they failed to nail the sound, otherwise they merge with the music quite snugly.
After the collapse of band Lenny LeBlanc went on to become a successful Christian music artist, whilst Mike Wheeler who played with the band in their last two years, went on to work with Grammy-winning Nashville songwriter Mike Reid. Wheeler also led an act called Wheels, who recorded on Boardwalk, with an album produced by Craig Fuller, and who toured with Little Feat in '78. He's also worked more recently with Paul Barrere.

Alex thanks for real rarities!

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias !!!

peacemonger said...

Saw these guys a lot but totally forgot they recorded these. Thanks!