Oct 30, 2012

Zior - Zior [8 bonus tracks] (1971, 2006)

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Zior had their roots in Southend's early sixties R&B scene. Kevin Bonsor had previously been in a local R&B outfit, The Essex Five, and then classical/rock fusion outfit, Cardboard Orchestra. Pete Brewer had been in another Southend R&B band, The Night Riders. He and Bonsor were Zior's founding members recruiting Truba and Skeels (who'd once played in a London band called The Bum) via a 'Melody Maker' advert.
Zior did have a reputation as a wild live band. They were heavily into Black Magic and Satanic Mass etc. They recorded an album on the Beacon label, later in 1971, which was credited to Monument, though in fact it featured all four members of Zior.
1. I Really Do
2. Za Za Za Zilda
3.  Love's Desire 4:00
4. New Land
5. Now I'm Sad
6. Give Me Love
7. Quabala
8. Oh Mariya
9. Your Life Will Burn
10. I Was Fooling
11. Before My Eyes Go Blind
12. Rolling Thunder
Bonus tracks:
13. Dudi Judy
14. Evolution
15. Cat's Eyes
16. Strange Kind Of Magic
17. Ride Me Baby
18. Entrance Of The Devil
19. Every Inch A Man
20. Angle Of The Highway

Keith Bonsor - vocals, keyboards, flute
John Truba - guitar, vocals
Barry Skeels - bass, vocals
Peter Brewer - drums, piano, harmonica



DanP said...

this is pretty cool heavy stuff imho, i'll check to make sure i have an edition with all these bonuses!

DanP said...

Turns out I don't have the bonus tracks so, many thanks for the upgrade! Is their album as Monument any good?

Anonymous said...


Is there any chance to get this one ?

Thank you.