Dec 1, 2012

Re-upload by request: Irmin s Way - Opus; Destroy (1976)

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Long time lost heavy-kraut-rockin' classic. Irmin's way is an english-german band whose name is taken from the Saxon mythology. They released only one album "Opus; Destroy" in 1976. The album ventures from space rock to astonishing symphonic heavy rock attacks. It has been reissued in 1996 by the European acid folk label "Kissing Spell".
1. Past & Present (9:23)
2. Eremite (9:13)
3. Alone (5:20)
4. Opus; Destroy (22:36)



Lamz said...

Great stuff, thanks again!

Rogerio M. Schirach said...

Great album, thank you for this post..........I'm searching for Kleptomania album......Do you know some link in FLAC?

DanP said...

heavy proggy krauty, might be tasty! thanks!

hanalex said...

@Rogerio M. Schirach
Unfortunately I can't help :-(

Vvche said...

This album is a fake... It was recorded in 1996. The names of the musicians are not known, no photos, no history...

Anonymous said...

the 4th track is corrupted. can you reupload thanks

hanalex said...

Checked all tracks: all right