Jan 18, 2013

Pushking - I Believe (2008)

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Every person must have even a thing he believes in. And the main idea while I was writing this album was - I absolutely frankly believe that time will come and the whole world will be invited onto great stage which is called Russian rock music.
And that will be a stage without any barriers and walls, where all are welcome friends. I believe that day will come and we will be proud of our talented guys who will rise up from underground where they are ought to play now, because our show business attendants are not interested In high quality music standards, that needs huge investment.  And I believe that a moment will come when money will cost nothing and people will dream about things that have no price, because they are holy and eternal. KOHA

1. Rock'n'Roll - It's A Fire

2. Love Message    
3. Christina Talks To God 
4. Rain    
5. Sail Away    
6. Hunger    
7. I Wanna Be...    
8. You'll Got Sometime Just A Moment    
9. Let The Sun    
10. I Believe    
11. You Are Free    
12. Lazy Dude    
13. Down    
14. Fancy    
15. Kill Me Babe    
16. Sailor    
17. Just Calm Down    
18. Not Only Prayer Could Feel    
19. Talking To Pretend

Konstantin "Koha" Shustarev - vocal, ac.guitar
Oleg "Ivanich" Bondaletov - keyboards
Dmitriy "Mitya" Losev - guitar, ac.guitar
Andrey "Drunia" Kruglov - drums
Andrey Samoilov - bass
Andrey Deykov - sound engineer

Additional musicians:
Roman Nevelev -bass (4,8,10,14,17)
Aleksey Degussarov - solo guitar (6,8,15)
Galina Sidorenko - mezzo soprano (16)
Konstantin Koleshonok - sax (2,8,13)
Anton Vishnyakov - trombone (2,8,13)
Iliya Sergeenko - trumpet (2,8,13)



akirE Lossless Music said...

Спасибо! Мне нравится этот диск, люблю слушать.

Val said...

довольно, чтобы видеть российского мечтателя, но я согласился с ним,
я люблю Вас русские ;)

Val said...

His other album "The World As We Love It" is amazing too!!!

hanalex said...

@akirE and Val:
Thanks for your kind words!