Jan 23, 2013

Re-upload by request: Dr. Feelgood - Malpractice (1975)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 240 mb+3% recovery

1. I Can Tell
2. Going Back Home
3. Back In The Night
4. Another Man
5. Rolling And Tumbling
6. Don't Let Your Daddy Know
7. Watch Your Step
8. Don't You Just Know It
9. Riot In Cell Block No.9
10. Because Your Mine
11. You Shouldn't Call The Doctor

Lee Brilleaux - vocals, guitar, harmonica
John B. Sparks - bass
Figure Martin - drums
Wilko Johnson - guitar, vocals



Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the post.....Top Man!

Rogerio M. Schirach said...

I have in vinil since 1975,I like it!
Thanks, this album it's amazing!

limburg said...

Hi Guys,

Wonderfull post!!!!

I love this band (mainly in the Wilko and Mayo periods).
I regulary post in Ratboy 69 blog.
You can get some Dr. Feelgood material there (not in mp3 and with the artwork)

I see that you posted in the past other records by this band.

Would it be possible to re-post them again?????

If it is not possible to re-post all of them please begin with Primo, Privace Practice and By Seeing you, as for the others I do have my vynil copy

Thanks a lot for all the efforts

hanalex said...

Hi limburg!
I will update the links, but not immediately... It takes a few days.