Jan 15, 2013

Re-upload by request: Fonográf - Na mi újság Wagner úr? (1975)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 214 mb+3% recovery

A highly successful Hungarian band in mid-70s – early-80s, Fonograf was founded in late-1973 by six already well-known musicians. Levente Szorenyi (guitar, vocals), Szabolcs Szorenyi (bass) and Janos Brody (steel guitar) came from premier Hungarian beat/rock band Illes, while Laszlo Tolscvay (banjo, harp, keyboards), Mihaly Moricz (guitar) and Oszkar Nemeth (drums) were all members of Tolscvay group.
Newly-formed aggregation decided to play a 100% American music, heavily influenced by country and bluegrass in finest traditions of The Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers.
Produced a string of five average LPs in the 70s, of which the debut remains their masterpiece.
After a couple of years’ hiatus played at joint gig with Illes and Tolscvay (1982), later issued as a double live LP. Released one more album in 1984.
Apart from recording on their own, were a backing band for several Hungarian singers.
1. Wagner úr
2. Még nem tudom

3. Élj boldogan
4. Egy őszinte dal
5. Rám vár az élet
6. A széllel szemben
7. Az első sorban ült
8. Hol jársz, Gabriella?
9. Ha csókol a szád
10. Álmodunk és ébredünk
11. Ha felépül végre a házunk

Bródy János - steel gitár
Tolcsavy László - ének, billentyűs hangszerek
Szörényi Szabolcs - ének, basszusgitár
Móricz Mihály - ének, gitár
Németh Oszkár - ének, dob



maryes said...

hello my prog friend !!!
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Thanks a Lot !!!
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Anonymous said...

Can I make A request please. I have been looking for a number of years for BLUE CHEER:SELFTITLED, The one with 'hello l.a bye bye Birmingham', not the first album. thank you.Love to have in lossless.

hanalex said...

Mr. Anonymous,
take Blue Cheer here:

maryes said...

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I'm sorry, but after 3 downloads from the new link, I can't find any audio archive, only covers and other 3 documents.
If you will have been able to help I will appreciate. In anyway thanks one more time for your kindness !!!
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hanalex said...

Hi maryes!

The archive should be three files with the extension: .ape, .cue, .log and folder "covers"

In order to write .ape and .cue on the disc as an audio CD, you first have to convert .ape to .wav. You can do this either with any converter that works with .ape. For example Monkey's audio: http://www.monkeysaudio.com/

Then open the file .cue in the program for burning CDs and burn disc - you now have an audio CD with separate tracks on it.

You can cut a disk image on separate tracks with CUE splitter: http://www.medieval.it/cuesplitter-pc/menu-id-71.html

If you have any questions, please contact: hanalex57@gmail.com

maryes said...

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