Jan 26, 2013

The Laughing Dogs - The Laughing Dogs (1979) + The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers (1980)

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The Laughing Dogs (1979):
1. Get 'Im Outa Town
2. Low Life
3. No Lies
4. Johnny Contender
5. Reason For Love
6. I Need a Million
7. It's Alright, It's OK
8. I'm Awake
9. Round And Round
10. It's Just The Truth
11. Get Outa My Way

The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers (1980):
12. Zombies
13. Don't Bring Me Down
14. Formal Letter
15. Take My Chances
16. Not What I Used to Be
17. Stand Up
18. Don't Push It
19. Reach Out For Me
20. Melody Love
21. Reason For Wanting You
22. What Ya Doin' It For?
23. Two Who Are Willing



Anonymous said...

I tell you..... some of the names that these bands come up with makes me want to 'laugh'! (pun intended :)

Iceman said...

Thanks a bunch, Alex. I'm a little late to the party, but I have really gotten into these late-70's early-80's power pop bands. Good stuff. Please post more of this type of music if you have it. Cheers.

Northing said...

Jimmi Leonard (Accardi) has remained active in music through this day. Tons of great stuff available through Molehill Records. He has a new band, Jimmi Accardi and the Action Zone (I'm the drummer), currently working in Northern California. They have a live album with Laughing Dogs hits (?!) and new compositions available and a new studio album in the works, should be out before year's end. Glad to see you keeping the good old stuff alive! Thanks - Charlie Nickrenz