Feb 15, 2013

Coloured Balls - Ball Power (1973)

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A product of the working-class area of the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, the Coloured Balls had a ready-made, predominantly male audience. This comprised fans of the cult movie A Clockwork Orange, who also adopted the aggressive ‘skinhead’ style of closely-shaven heads and thick boots and braces. The band reflected this in their music and image. Read more
1. Flash
2. Mama Don't You Get Me Wrong
3. Won't You Make Up Your Mind
4. Something New
5. B.P.R.
6. Human Being
7. Whole Lotta Shakin'
8. Hey! What's Your Name
9. That's What Mama Said
Bonus tracks:
[Singles, 1972-1973]
10. Liberate Rock
11. Slowest Guitar On Earth
12. Mr. Mean Mouth
13. Love Me Girl
14. Mess Of The Blues
15. Devil's Disciple
[Live at Sunbury, 1973]
16. God

Lobby Loyde - lead guitar, vocals
Bobsy Millar - guitar, vocals
John Miglans - bass, vocals
Trevor Young - drums, vocals
Billy Thorpe - guitar on tracks 10, 11
Gil ''Rats'' Matthews - drums on tracks 10, 11
Paul ''Sheepdog'' Wheeler - bass on tracks 10, 11
Warren ''Pig'' Morgan - piano on tracks 10, 11




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