Mar 29, 2013

Colin Blunstone - Journey (1974)

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Colin Blunstone's third solo outing is not as consistent as his first two, but its best moments are easily on par with the best tracks on One Year and Ennismore. This time out, production was handled solely by ex-Zombie Chris White, who was also co-producing and writing for the group Argent at the time. Among the highlights are "Keep the Curtains Closed Today" and "Beginning," both of which incorporate sublime vocal arrangements by the King's Singers. Elsewhere, on tracks like "This Is Your Captain Calling," there's an apparent attempt to conform to the contemporary pop sounds of the (mid-'70s) era. However, Blunstone's voice is better suited to the styles employed throughout his first two LPs, in particular the melancholy string backings of One Year. As a result, Journey is somewhat of a mixed bag. Colin's chart success has tended to come when he's worked in a style better suited to his voice (e.g. "Say You Don't Mind"), and Journey failed to spawn a hit single. Still, for Blunstone aficionados, the best tracks on Journey make it a worthwhile effort. (Collector's note: The American and British versions of Journey feature a different track lineup and cover artwork. The Canadian version is the same as the British.)
1. Wonderful
2. Beginning
3. Keep The Curtains Closed Today
4. Weak For You
5. Beware
6. Smooth Operator
7. This Is Your Captain Calling
8. Something Happens When You Touch Me
9. Setting Yourself Up
10. Lover Brother
11. Shadow Of A Doubt
12. It's Magical
13. You Who Are Lonely

Colin Blunstone - vocals, guitar
Rod Argent - piano, keyboards
Duncan Browne - guitar
Derek Griffiths - guitar
Richard Kerr - piano
Pete Wingfield - keyboards
Terry Poole - drums
Jim Toomey - drums
John Beecham - horn
Michael Cotton - horn
Nick Newell - horn
Kings Singers - background vocals



Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks very much for this Blunstone album - he definitely has one of the great rock vocals of all time.

Alex said...

Я уже писал на другом форуме,что в восторге от талантливейших людей,участников Проекта Алана Парсонса...Хочется добавить слова благодарности owner этого блога за прекрасную возможность услышать такие раритеты в качестве!!
И продолжать радовать Нас Всех Новыми находками!!

hanalex said...

У меня Blunstone больше ассоциируется с The Zombies.
Спасибо за добрые слова. Вот с новыми находками как-то все сложнее...

Vvche said...

hanalex, а Neil MacArthur у Вас нет? По поводу The Zombies согласен, даже больше скажу - у меня The Zombies ассоциируется с Колином Бланстоуном... А у Парсонса что он там спел?... 3 с половиной песни за 23 года?

hanalex said...

Если Вы имеете ввиду "Into The Afterlife", то есть.
Или я чего-то не догоняю?

Vvche said...

hanalex, а другого-то и нет... Только синглы. Колин всего-то один год под таким псевдонимом записывался. Всё правильно Вы догнали. Вообще, он выдающийся вокалист, по-моему.

hanalex said...

Выдающийся, однозначно. Абсолютно оригинальный, непохожий ни на кого голос.