Mar 1, 2013

Nitzinger - Nitzinger (1971)

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Nitzinger is the band named after Texan guitarist John Nitzinger, whose long career has yielded sporadic releases and on-stage appearances for over three decades, starting in the late '60s. Hailing from the city of Fort Worth, John Nitzinger was, by his own account, a precocious songwriter and musician and was involved in several bands and nondescript single releases in the mid- to late '60s. But it wasn't until the next decade that the Nitzinger name began gaining recognition -- first as a sometime songwriter for fellow Texans Bloodrock, and then, after recruiting bassist Curly Benton and drummer Linda Waring, to create a power trio named after himself. This lineup recorded an eclectic eponymous debut album (part bluesy boogie rock, part esoteric post-psych) for Capitol in 1971 and briefly broke into the American charts' Top 200 with a spunky Southern rock single called "Louisiana Cock Fight." Read more
1. L.A. Texas Boy
2. Ticklelick
3. No Sun
4. Louisiana Cock Fight
5. Boogie Queen
6. Witness To The Truth
7. Nature Of Your Taste
8. My Last Goodbye
9. Enigma
10. Hero Of The War
Bonus tracks (1974):
11. King's X
12. Pretty Boy Shuffle

John Nitzinger - lead guitar, lead vocals
Curly Benton - bass, vocals
Bugs Henderson - lead guitar
Linda Waring - percussion section, vocals


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