Mar 7, 2013

Re-post: Zephyr - Going Back To Colorado (1971)

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The bands second release was a positive evolution. This time Jimi Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer was behind the board, and he helped the band more fully capture it’s trademark live stylings onto tape. Robbie Chamberlin is replaced by Bobby Berge on drums, but otherwise the lineup remains the same. Tommy’s playing is closer to the trademark sound he has become so famous for. As with Zephyr, this CD also is a must have for any Tommy collector.
1. Going Back To Colorado
2. Miss Libertine
3. Night Fades Softly
4. The Radio Song
5. See My People Come Together
6. Showbizzy
7. Keep Me
8. Take My Love
9. I'll Be Right Here
10. At This Very Moment

David Givens - bass
Bobby Berge - drums
Tommy Bolin - guitar
Candy Givens - piano, vocals, harmonica
John Faris - organ, piano, soprano saxophone, flute


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zippy said...

Thank you--great album!