Apr 11, 2013

The Exits - The Legendary Lost Exits Album (1978, 2007)

FLAC TRACKS+LOG+Covers | 266 mb+3% recovery


1. The Fashion Plague
2. Cheam
3. Fool To Fall In Love
4. Holiday Shots
5. We Broke Up Today
6. School Of Intrigue
7. Index Linked
8. Mood Walk
9. Revolt Into Style
10. This Toytown World
11. The Fashion Page
12. Lovers Talk
13. Chantelle

Rip by OldCor

4 коммент.:


Thanks !!! I didn't know this band before but it's very good !

chico said...

Like MR,this is new for me and it seems a very good record.If you could repost it,the links are dead.Thanks.

hanalex said...


Link updated, but next time, read here please

chico said...

Ok my friend ,I email you the next time.Thanks for re-up.